Snow Day with My Kids

Today was the perfect day. When I woke up this morning I had a text from my mate saying “it’s Christmas” and I was like, what? But then I looked outside and the street was full of snow, and my car was covered, too. That was a nice surprise to wake up to, because I knew my kids would love it (and me) and it was my day to have them. Yippee!

So I went to pick the kids up from their mum’s house as usual and they were all wrapped up in their Christmas jumpers, gloves and hats, complete with wellies. They looked so cute!

By then a lot of the snow on roads and pavements had become slush because it had obviously snowed while I was asleep, so I drove around looking for an unspoiled patch of snow for the kids to enjoy. I found a field and car park next to a Church that hadn’t been touched.

The kids were so excited, I couldn’t get them out of the car fast enough.

The second their little feet touched the ground, their hands were in the snow and before I knew it I was being chased around with snowballs bouncing off every part of my body.

I always go a bit over the top during moments like this, something I was reminded of when I threw a snowball that landed on Marty’s lips and almost made its way into his mouth. Oops! Wish I had a picture of the look on his face. I’m such an asshole, but I’m a big kid, I get excited too.

Marty kept slapping snow into Poppy’s head when she wasn’t looking lmao. Little shit!

Once the snowball battles had come to an end we built a mini snowman each. At first Marty kept smashing the balls up whilst laughing his ass off. Poppy wasn’t impressed, but then he got into it and went searching for small stones for his snowman’s eyes. It was so much fun.

Just as we were finishing our snowmen it started to snow again. Really heavily. It was lovely, the kids were loving it, and so was I. We just stood in it and let it cover us. Smiling.

At that point I decided that would be a good time to get them in the car and get them home for some warmth. It was really cold, as you can imagine, although kids won’t make a fuss about it until they’re ill. Fun always comes first. But I stripped them down and took them home.

When we got back to mine we cuddled up in a fluffy throw to get warm, and they munched on a chocolate Santa that I gave them whilst watching The Stinky & Dirty Show on TV.

It was a fun little day. I love those two more than anything!

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