How I Made £600 in One Day with TopCashback

I’m pretty late to the game when it comes to using cashback schemes and websites. I mean, I knew they existed because I had a friend who had actually run one of them with a lot of success, but I had never taken part in them. This changed recently when I made the decision to sign up to one of them and see what all the fuss was about. As it turns out, I have been missing out on earning some pretty good money back on a lot of my purchases.

TopCashback is a very simple but clever business model – they refer you to businesses and earn commission as an affiliate, or partner, and then split these commissions with you.

Basically, when you need to make an online purchase, you first head over to the TopCashback website and see if the website you’re ordering from is listed there, or competitors with better prices AND cashback. Sometimes you even get vouchers, offering  a double whammy.

TopCashback Offers Used

There are A LOT of great brands and cashback offers on the TopCashback platform, but below is a list of the ones I have used so far to make over £600 in a very short period of time. If any of these companies or offers are of interest to you, you’re welcome to click through and use them.

CompanyCashback OfferRequirementEarned
Beagle StreetBased on PremiumLife Insurance Policy£290
Coral CasinoFlat RateDeposit / Wager £20£73.50
Betfair CasinoFlat RateDeposit / Wager £20£60
Ladbrokes CasinoFlat RateDeposit / Wager £20£47.25
Sun BingoFlat RateDeposit / Wager £10£20
ASDA Cashback CardFlat RateApproved Application£20
Cottages.com5.25%Rental Booking£16.69
The Works20%Purchase£12.99
Watch Shop2.1%Purchase£6.85
ExperianFlat RateFree Account£2.25
ATG Tickets3%Purchase£1.86

But that’s not all. I also won and withdrew £60 of winnings from the Casinos, taking my total earnings from £555.89 to £615.89. Not bad for a single day, right?

It’s worth noting, however, that I would have made all of these purchases, minus the gambling ones, regardless. I needed life insurance, for example, and had my eye on the watches I purchased from Watch Shop. The gambling ones that I used do offer a guaranteed profit, too.

The reason I say I’m making money doing this, as apposed to saving money, is that you pay the website you’re ordering from the same amount regardless and it can take from weeks to months to get paid from TopCashback, so you basically forget about it and spend as normal. But that money will be yours, and is essentially free, so I look at it as earning instead of saving.

TopCashback Tips

Now I have only been using the TopCashback platform for a matter of days, but I do have a few tips to offer you to maximise your earnings whilst utilising this cashback website.

  • Cashback Notifier
    It’s a must-have browser addon, or extension, that notifies you of cashback offers for the website you’re currently visiting. I missed cashback of £120 after booking a rental property via Sykes Cottages, so don’t be like me and miss opportunities like that.
  • Casino / Betting / Bingo Offers
    There are a lot of these offers, as you’ve seen above, that offer you a fixed flat rate of cashback higher than the amount you need to deposit and wager. That’s an investment with guaranteed profit, it’s fun, and you even have the chance of winning some extra cash like I did on top. NEVER accept any bonuses when signing up, though.
  • Double Whammy Offers
    You won’t get paid by TopCashback if you use voucher codes not approved and offered by them. Look for merchants offering both cashback AND voucher savings for a double whammy. Example, with The Works I saved 20% AND got 20% cashback.
  • No Purchase Offers
    This section offers fixed cashback for FREE. You get paid for signing up to other websites, taking part in free trials, and even competitions. Always remember to cancel free trials before they renew, or you will be charged and out of pocket, unless you want them.

I hope this inspires you to start getting cashback on your purchases, too!

Not signed up with TopCashback? Create a free account here.

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