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Paid Online Surveys

Paid surveys are a legitimate way to make extra money online. You really can get paid to do surveys online just by taking part in paid market research, studies for colleges and universities and other research.

The key to making the most amount of money with online surveys is by using all of the sites listed on this post, rather than just one of them.

To be honest, a lot of the sites that offer surveys for money pay peanuts for your time and will often screen you out of them half way through without paying you, which gives the industry as a whole a bad name, but trust me when I tell you that there are still plenty of sites out there offering paid online surveys that will actually reward properly.

I have tried and tested all of the survey sites in this post as well as many others. Only the best ones are listed on this post. Use all of them!

Here are the best survey sites right now:

Keep reading to learn more about each of these survey websites.

Prolific Academic

Prolific consistently offer the highest paid surveys in the UK by running real scientific research and studies for colleges and universities.

You’ll never be screened out of their surveys meaning you will always get paid for surveys you take. You can request a payout at just £5 via PayPal but to avoid fees I’d recommend waiting until you reach at least £20.

Make sure you answer all of the prescreening questions before you start taking surveys on Prolific. Those questions qualify you for the surveys.

Payout: £5 via PayPal.

Click here to start making money with Prolific!


YouGov is another great survey site. They use their collected research to provide media outlets and newspapers with useful statistics.

YouGov will reward you with 50 points per survey, which is £0.50 and takes only a few minutes to complete. There’s usually a new survey added every day. They will pay you via bank transfer when you reach 5,000 points (£50). Definitely worth doing alongside the other survey sites.

Payout: £50 via Bank Transfer.

Signup Bonus: Get 100 points (£1) after completing your first survey.

Click here to start making money with YouGov!

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another points based survey site similar to YouGov, only they have a lot more surveys with even more added every single day.

Branded Surveys also have a poll where you can earn 5 easy points a day, and an offers area where you can earn even more points for downloading apps, signing up for free trials and making purchases. All optional.

You can request a payout when you reach 1,000 points, which is $10, via PayPal. It doesn’t take very long at all to reach minimum payout.

Payout: $10 via PayPal.

Signup Bonus: Get 100 points ($1) instantly when you join.

Click here to start making money with Branded Surveys!


Swagbucks is another points based website that others a lot of great surveys with new ones added daily. Not only that, but Swagbucks also offers lots of other ways to earn points like playing games, searching the web, downloading apps, completing offers, and much more.

You can redeem your points, known as Swagbucks (duh), for cash via PayPal or gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, M&S, Argos, John Lewis, Xbox and iTunes to name just a few.

Payout: £5 via PayPal or Gift Cards.

Signup Bonus: Get £3 when you open your new account.

Click here to start making money with Swagbucks!


GlobalTestMarket is another great survey site that has some very high paying surveys and even if you’re screened out of a survey, which is rare, you will receive entries into their sweepstakes to win some cash.

Similar to Branded Surveys and YouGov, you earn points for the surveys you complete. You can redeem your points in a variety of ways including cash through PayPal or gift cards like Amazon, New Look, Boots, Argos, HungryHouse and many more. GTM is a very rewarding site!

Payout: £5 via PayPal or Gift Cards.

Click here to start making money with GlobalTestMarket!


InboxPounds is a UK-focused survey site offering plenty of survey opportunities. They have paid out over £2M to their members so far.

You can also make extra money by doing tasks, like sorting lists and rating websites, searching the web, reading emails and playing games. Most of these take a minute or two to complete which is great. It all adds up.

Payout: £20 via Cheque.

Signup Bonus: Get £1 instantly when you open your new account.

Click here to start making money with InboxPounds!

So there you go, lots of sites to do surveys for cash. Ready to start?

When doing online surveys for money, please remember that this is not a way to get rich. This is just a great way to make some extra money to supplement your income, maybe pay for a holiday, or cover some of your bills. Use all of the sites on the list to make the most money possible.

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