Catalogues for Bad Credit in the UK

Catalogues for Bad Credit

Catalogues are a great way for people with bad credit, or no credit, to begin building up their credit profile so that they can get approved for larger purchases, and more credit, from the companies who have stricter criteria in-place when they credit check them in future.

The catalogues I have listed below offer credit accounts with a range of payment terms – pay weekly, pay monthly, pay in 3 instalments or buy now pay later. All with bad credit.

Don’t settle for a bad credit rating, start building it today with the best UK catalogues for bad credit.

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There’s no such thing as a no credit check catalogue. They all require one.

Catalogue Name
Starting Credit Limit
Pay Weekly
Pay Monthly
Credit Check

NOTE: Never spend up to your credit limit with catalogues and, where possible, always use direct debit as the method of payment to avoid missing payments. That’s a big no-no.

Okay let’s have a closer look at each of the catalogues in the table above.


Studio is one of the best, oldest and most popular credit catalogues in the UK with thousands of products offering up to 75% off high street prices.

You can buy anything you need with Studio. Clothes – Men’s, Women’s and Kids fashion, homeware products, things for the garden, popular electrical items like laptops (including MacBooks), tablets (including iPads) and mobile phones (iPhone and Samsung) as well as great gifts and jewellery, gaming consoles (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo) and DVDs. And more!

Studio also have an amazing clearance section that is regularly updated and offers up to 80% OFF a wide range of products, including a £1 section.

Payment Options: Monthly

Starting Credit Limit: Up to £500

Want to open an account with Studio? You can do that that by clicking here.


Very is a large and leading online retailer of men and women’s fashion, homeware, electricals, toys and games, gifts, beauty, jewellery and anything else you could ever want, basically.

This is probably the easiest catalogue to get credit with. Opening a Very account is easy and you get an instant decision and credit limit of up to £1,000 to start spending within minutes. They often run new customer promotions offering up to 20% OFF your first credit order.

Credit limit increases are regular and automated, but you can opt out if you wish.

Their prices are very competitive with high street stores, sometimes even better, and they have an App for iPhones and Android Phones which is easy to use and makes managing your account really simple. Placing orders via the App is very easy, too, which is great on the go.

Benefits of a Very account:

  • Pay Weekly (period of your choice)
  • Pay with Take 3 (3 payments, no interest)
  • Buy Now Pay Later with No Interest (up to 12 months)
  • FREE Next Day Delivery with Collect+
  • Instant Decision – Credit Limit Up To £1,000 to Start With

Want to open an account with Very? You can do that that by clicking here.


Littlewoods is owned by Shop Direct, who also own Very (listed above) and it is essentially the exact same offering as Very, although the website differentiates itself with a different colour scheme (purple instead of pink) and minimal on-site design and layout differences.

The major difference between Very and Littlewoods is the pricing of products. Very prices are similar to the high street, whereas Littlewoods prices include interest. For example, the price of Call of Duty: World War 2 for Xbox One on Very right now is £47.99, which is cheaper than Tesco Direct, but on Littlewoods it is £64.99. Always avoid further interest with them.

Again, just like Very and Next, credit limit increases are regular and automated.

New customers can expect to get 10% OFF their first order. Make sure you download the App for your iPhone or Android Phone to make ordering and account management a breeze.

Benefits of a Littlewoods account:

  • Pay Weekly (period of your choice)
  • Buy Now Pay Later with No Interest (up to 12 months)
  • FREE Next Day Delivery with Collect+
  • Instant Decision – Credit Limit Up To £1,000 to Start With

Want to open an account with Littlewoods? You can do that that by clicking here.


There is no guaranteed acceptance with any of these catalogues, but if you are accepted please manage your account and credit limit responsibly or you could damage your credit rating. Always pay the minimum payment on time and, as mentioned earlier, don’t hit your credit limit.

Where possible, always use direct debit as your preferred method of payment. This will help you to avoid running into trouble by missing a catalogue payment.

I hope you find these catalogues for bad credit useful.

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