Domino’s Spanish Sizzler – BRING IT BACK OR ELSE (PLEASE)

Domino's Spanish Sizzler Pizza

I have a bone to pick with Domino’s. I’m not a happy bunny.

Actually, I’m exaggerating, BUT…

In 2011 Domino’s launched a new limited edition pizza called Spanish Sizzler. It was the perfect combination of fiery heat and sweetness using juicy chunks of chorizo sausage and mouth-watering roquito peppers, combined with plain roast chicken and green peppers.

My mouth is watering right now after writing that. I fell in love with the Domino’s Spanish Sizzler pizza instantly and was horrified to find out it was limited edition. Heartbroken, actually.

For years I missed it. Longed for it. Had dreams about seeing it again. Eating it again.

Well, last month I decided to get pizza at the new Squires Gate Domino’s in Blackpool, and when looking through their menu I spotted something. Something that made my heart skip a beat. Something that made my stomach fill with butterflies. Yes, you guessed it, I saw the Spanish Sizzler. It was begging me to buy it. Smell it. Eat it. Poo it out and smell it again.

Okay, that was both disgusting and over the top. But I really, REALLY do love that pizza. And I really, REALLY wish Domino’s would bring it back to a store closer to me.

If you’re a fan like me, head to Blackpool to enjoy that perfect combination again.

It’s amazing with their new chilli cheese stuffed crust. Yum!


Okay, pointless post over.

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm a UK-based lifestyle blogger writing about life, family, business, making and saving money, tech, and anything else I enjoy. Follow my journey! :)

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