Don’t Be Another Failed Blogger


People start blogs for a great variety of reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is they’re launched with excitement and dreams of success. But those feelings slowly fizzle out and turn to doubt, and doubt leads to people failing before any level of success can be achieved.

Don’t have a blog yet? This post is for you: How to Start a Bog.

In business I have failed many times, but each time I have rebuilt successfully by ignoring doubt and continuing to work hard even when it didn’t look like it was paying off.

Blogging is no different – it’s hard and requires a lot of work, focus and determination.

Look at this image:

Don't Give Up
As someone who has both failed and succeeded, that ^ is the single greatest picture anyone with dreams can ever look at. And it should never be forgotten. Especially when you’re blogging.

It can take months of hard, unrewarded and tiring work before you ever make a penny from blogging. And that’s exactly what you should brace yourself for, endure and suffer through with determination, hunger and fierce competitive human nature. And when that crack in the clouds appears, you’ve won, you’ve achieved, you’ve succeeded. You’ll feel on top of the world.

Here are 4 tips for ensuring you make a success of your blog…

1. Don’t Make Excuses

Excuses are for losers. Winners don’t make excuses. That’s just reality. Deal with it.

Nobody is too busy that they cannot write a blog post. That’s an excuse. And you’re not going to die if you get an hour of sleep less than usual. It might suck but success is earned, not owed.

2. Ignore the Stats

Google Analytics and similar analytics tools are wonderful for proving insight into the number of people accessing your blog as well as how they interact with it and its pages. But this can also be a part of the problem at the start. If you have a great day followed by a bad one you will feel your soul leaving your body. It can leave you feeling very deflated and hopeless.

My advice would be to set up analytics on your blog, but DO NOT look at it. Focus on writing and pushing engagement on social media. Check it once a month only for the first 3 months.

3. Be Extremely Organised

It’s incredibly important to be organised as a blogger. That means having plenty of ideas, a diary of important events and a content schedule. This will help you to avoid hitting creative barriers and feel like progress is being made. I have over 3 months worth of content mapped out.

If you use WordPress, there’s a great plugin called PublishPress that I would highly recommend. I use that. For other WordPress plugins I recommend for bloggers you can click here.

4. Just Keep Going

As the amazing Sir Winston Churchill said, “if you’re going through hell, keep going.”

A truer word couldn’t be spoken. No matter how low, deflated or hopeless you’re feeling about your blog, just keep writing. Just keep posting great content. Your success will come.

Good luck, and if you need any help or support you can drop me a line! 🙂

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