My Favourite Xbox Games

When I’m not working, spending time with my kids or playing Pool there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good gaming night with a can of Monster Energy and some munchies. I’m a big child and I always will be, but that’s allowed as long as you get the boring adult shit done, right?

I’m an Xbox player. My gamertag is HighFiveMarty – feel free to add me.

Anyway, here are my favourite Xbox games to play:

Black Ops I, II, III

I actually only started gaming when Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in 2010 so I’m only in my eighth year of gaming. But I love all 3 instalments in the Black Ops series.

I quickly became addicted to their Zombie slaying mode and must have spent hundreds of hours on Kino Der Toten, which is still my favourite map of all-time. I slay with a mate, Lee. It took us 13 hours of none stop play to get to round 56, and we have similar scores on many maps.

On Black Ops 2 I spent most of my time on Nuketown Zombies, but I did get a big round on Green Run solo. I don’t do easter eggs, but I completed it on Der Eisendrache in Black Ops 3.

My favourite Black Ops Zombie maps:

  • Kino Der Toten on Black Ops
  • Ascension on Black Ops
  • Green Run on Black Ops 2
  • Nuketown Zombies on Black Ops 2
  • Origins on Black Ops 2
  • Die Rise on Black Ops 2 (originally Der Riese on World at War)
  • Der Eisendrache on Black Ops 3
  • Shadows of Evil on Black Ops 3

The Zombie mode on other Call of Duty games is okay but Treyarch have it down in the Black Ops series and they’re the ones I look forward to the most. Hoping for Black Ops 4 later this year.

7 Days to Die

Continuing with the Zombie theme, we have 7 Days to Die, a game I started playing maybe 2 years ago. It’s a Zombie survival game based in an open world. Think Minecraft, but Zombie survival, because you have to harvest resources and craft whilst fending off Zombies.

The reason it’s called 7 Days to Die is because a horde of Zombies attack you every 7 days in the game, and every 7 days they get stronger and more powerful. It’s fun to defend against.

The main map on this game is called Navezgane which contains numerous cities and towns, and also many different biomes like Snowy Forest and Wasteland with different weather systems.

I can easily spend endless hours on this, looting and kicking ass. I love it.


I remember the first time I saw Minecraft, I was like, “WOT LAD? Don’t think so.”

But then it sucked me in and I realised why the entire world loves it.

Now I’m one of those sad acts who can spend a stupid amount of hours hitting pixelated blocks, screaming when creepers blow my shit up and feeling like I’ve won the lottery every time I bump into some diamonds underground. Finding diamonds really does make me happy, hahaha.

The thing I love about Minecraft is it’s just so simple. It’s so chilled out and it really helps me to relax like nothing else, which is weird. Finding caves and dodging lava. I love it.

How about a trip to The Nether?

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty is great for short burst, quick action shoot-em-up battles, but when you want to have that real war experience that can last for an hour or more, the only game to play for me is Battlefield 4. It was released in 2013, but I prefer it over the more recent releases.

You can fight via land, in vehicles like tanks, or on foot, or you can fight via the sky in a helicopter or a fighter jet, or you can fight via the seas in a battle boat. It’s just epic. So much fun.

This is one to play with mates. Get a squad going and carry the victory home together.

What are your favourite Xbox games? Let me know in the comments below.

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