Go Away, Mr. Negative


Ever since I came out of my 2 year battle with health anxiety I have found myself becoming increasingly aware and irritated by the projection of negativity by others, and just over a year on, and after turning 30, I simply won’t allow it in my life anymore. Positivity only, please.

I keep a small circle of friends for a variety of reasons, but one of them is now to avoid negative people who will contaminate my mind with with their (usually) unfounded negativity.

It may be that it’s easier for me to think and feel this way at this point in my life because I’ve experienced all of the bad things humans can go through, like multiple failed businesses, and my stillbirth baby Pixie among many other events. So it’s easier for me to be aware of my ability to deal with certain situations and have an understanding of whether or not something is worth the negative thoughts and, ultimately, stress that shortens our lives. It’s wisdom, I guess.

But in any event, I just can’t take being around it anymore.

My most recent relationship was filled with it, every single day, and it was like a daily soul-sucking nightmare. I just wanted to run into a Lion enclosure. I wouldn’t have even waited to be eaten, I would have climbed into a Lions mouth. Hahaha. But seriously, it sucked.

I may sound insensitive but we only get one chance at this life gig, and guess what? I want mine to be as long and as happy as possible for myself and my kids. So I’m happy to be selfish.

Stress will make you age at an alarming rate and will shorten your life expectancy. And I’m talking more about people who make it a daily habit to be negative, whether it’s excessive and unfounded worrying, being a chronic pessimist. Anything like that. Just overall negative beings.

If you’re ever feeling negative, just stop and ask yourself this one thing:

  • What’s the worst that could happen?

You’ll find that in most instances, you are simply destroying your mental wellbeing and sucking the life out of those around you for absolutely no reason. It’s time to make some changes and live more positively. The worst thing that is ever going happen in life is that you will die.

And we are all headed there. We’re all going to die. Everything else is called learning and battling the trials and tribulations of life. And it’s simply not worth worrying about.

So what if you lose your job. So what if you lose your house. So what if your business fails. So what if an irrelevant person says something about you. So what if you don’t like how somebody chews. So what if someone cuts you off on a roundabout. So what? You’re still here. Your heart is still beating. Your brain is still ticking. Life goes on. So fucking live it. Happily. Positively.

Once you put things into perspective, life will be so much more enjoyable. I promise.

Go away, Mr. Negative.

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