How to Get Followers on Twitter with ManageFlitter

How to Get Twitter Followers

ManageFlitter is a fantastic tool for managing and growing multiple Twitter accounts with ease and, for me at least, it’s the best tool out there for this specific purpose.

I used ManageFlitter to grow my old personal account to over 30,000 followers and I couldn’t post a tweet without seeing some level of engagement – I got lots of replies, retweets and favorites on a daily basis. It made me a bit of cash, too, actually.

Okay, so I’m going to show you how you can get thousands of followers, too.

Follow / Unfollow Method

The method you’re going to use to fire your follower numbers into the clouds is the classic ‘follow and unfollow’ tactic. Basically, this is where you regularly follow a lot of people who are interested in something related to you or your business. Very simple, right?

You may be thinking that this method of growing your twitter followers is hard work, or too time consuming, but trust me when I tell you that it isn’t. It’s super easy.

Step 1) Follower Padding

Twitter have an algorithm in place that automatically stops you from following any additional accounts once you’re following around 2,000 people.

To get around this limit, you’re going to head over to Fiverr and look for a gig offering a few thousand followers and maybe buy a couple of those gigs. Although these followers are empty accounts (not real), they will give you room to grow out your account.

Things to remember:

  • You’re buying empty accounts (not real people)
  • These followers will slowly drop off
  • Read reviews before purchasing followers on Fiverr
  • You’ll look more popular than you actually area, thumbs up!

Step 2) ManageFlitter Account

So you’ve purchased a few thousand padding followers and you’re now ready to start following thousands of people, right? Hold on, not so quick, you need to do one more thing first.

You’re going to need a ManageFlitter account now. Click here to get one now.

A free account will allow you to unfollow up to 1,000 people per day who are not following you back, and you can also view all of your statistics which is pretty cool, but you are going to need to grab either a Pro or Business account to do your regular following.

Account Suggestion: Pro ($12 per month)

The Pro account is more than adequate, although it only allows you to manage ONE Twitter account. Want more? No problem, there are packages to suit your needs.

Things to remember:

  • ManageFlitter is the best tool for this purpose
  • You can’t follow people with a free account
  • Pro accounts don’t have analytics

Okay, time to get on with growing your account.

Step 3) Daily Following

So you have account padding with followers purchased on Fiverr and you also have a ManageFlitter Pro or Business account, right? Great, let’s start following people.

From the day you start your journey of growth on Twitter, you’re setting yourself a daily task that you really need to keep to – it will literally take you 10 minutes per day, but if you stay disciplined and stick it out, your account will grow very rapidly. Honestly.

But how do I find accounts to follow?

This is where ManageFlitter really proves its worth.

1) Follow accounts that are following your friend, a business or celebrity.

This option is great for accounts that have a specific offering such as a humour account, product or service. You can easily get followers who are engaged and already have a relationship of some sort with a brand, name or person that’s relevant to yourself.

Example: If you have a product or service similar to another company, growth hack their momentum and put yourself in the faces of those already educated. Powerful stuff.

2) Follow accounts based on their tweets.

This option is my personal favourite.

I grew my Twitter account by simply searching for users who had tweeted with the hashtag related to the TV show I was watching at that time – that means my tweets were instantly relevant and gave me the highest chance of being followed back. It worked a treat.

Example: #XFactor is a huge hashtag at certain times of the year. I used to watch the show and, eventually, follow 1,000 people each day with relevant tweets waiting.

So what is my daily process, then?

For number 1 above, go to Manage > Follow

For number 2 above, go to Search > Tweet Search

Once you have a list of accounts that you deem to be relevant to yourself or your business, simply turn on batch select, click on the select all accounts button and then follow later.

Next, you’re going to need to go to Manage > Process and then select the follows tab on the left side of the screen. You’re now going to begin following all of the accounts in the process queue, although you may want start with just 250 accounts per day for the first month, and then move to 300 per day and so on – this is to avoid account suspension.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t follow too fast – start with 250 per day and increase slowly
  • Not all accounts will follow you back. That’s fine!
  • Tweet multiple times daily, empty accounts are not very effective at all

Step 4) Monthly Unfollowing

If you’re doing your daily follows, it won’t be long at all before you’re following the same amount of accounts that are following you back (including the padding accounts) and so you’re going to need to do a monthly clean-up to make room for more growth by getting rid of the people who have no intention of following you back.

To do this, you’re going to head to Manage > Unfollow where all of your filthy non-followers will be listed. Hit that add all accounts button and then click unfollow later which will send them to your queue. Now go to Manage > Process to being cleansing.

You can safely unfollow a couple of thousand accounts at a time, although you should lower your following rate for a couple of days after to look less obvious.

  • This should be done every month
  • Ensure any safe accounts are whitelisted first
  • Give your account a rest after each mass unfollowing spree

Frequently Asked Questions

There are often a number of questions I get asked about this method of growing Twitter accounts and so I’m going to help you by answering them below.

Will my account get suspended?

Although it’s always a possibility, it’s very unlikely as long as you stick to my suggestions in this post. If you do, however, get suspended, you can easily un-suspend your account by entering the captcha code presented when you login to your account.

A secondary suspension can also be overturned, but this will require an email to Twitter admitting to your faults and vowing not to continue with them.

How many accounts should I follow per day?

Start with 250 accounts per day for the first month and then slowly raise this over time otherwise you risk raising a flag up to Twitter with abnormal account activity.

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