A Letter to 18 Year Old Me from 30 Year Old Me

Dear Marty,

It’s hard to believe that I turned thirty 2 months ago, it doesn’t feel like long ago when I didn’t have a care in the world and was just starting my journey in life. I thought I’d write to you and give you some advice for the future, and tell you about the mistakes you’re going to make.


So you’ve decided to leave College and go for this online thing, huh?

Don’t worry – you’re making the right decision and the risk you’re about to take and the hard work to come is going to pay off. But just one thing, don’t stop working once you start making money. You lose everything you’ve got multiple times doing this in the years to come, and you will lose your home and car and be threatened with bankruptcy the final time it happens.

But you can avoid all of those failures, all of those hard times, by just being consistent and continuing to put in the work that you once did for free. You have the potential to be very, very successful and be extremely comfortable in life if you get this right. Just get it right.

No pressure, though, everyone makes mistakes in life. They build your character and you become a better person from them. But in a perfect world, I’d tell you to just get it right NOW.

Don’t worry, I’m in a good place now. I finally got it right.

I learnt my lesson and rebuilt a few years ago after spending 2 years at local SEO agency in Liverpool. That was an interesting experience that taught me a lot, but I now own multiple successful businesses, have total freedom and don’t have to answer to anybody.

I decided to start a blog in December which is helping me to be more productive, and keep my brain ticking. Maybe you could start one earlier. It helps more than you’d think.


So I’m 30 now and I have what you’ll be wanting for years to come. Children.

I have two little beauties, Poppy, 4, and Marty, 3, and an angel baby, Pixie, I’ll tell you about her another time. They’re amazing little people. You’re going to be so happy when you see them.

Although your business failures to come will be hard, there is a silver lining. You meet Nora, the mother of your children, after your final failure. Your girlfriend at that time leaves you at the first sign of money trouble, she will only be there for the good times, so try to avoid her.

But Nora will be there waiting for you at rock bottom, she’ll build you up, have your back and go through hell to give you your children. She’s a good girl. Keep her and look after her well.

I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re going to suffer from health anxiety for 2 years in your late 20s. It’s going to be complete and utter hell. You’re going to be a shell of a man. A useless partner and a useless dad. But you’ll get through it with Nora supporting you and holding things together.

Things will get tough and you will lose your way a little, and forget what’s important. But don’t worry, you’ll realise where your heart belongs. You’ll make your family a priority again.

Look after them. Give them your all. They’ll make you feel so happy. Like I do now.


As mentioned earlier, you’re going to meet some girls who are only going to be with you for the good times, when things are going well, to get treated. But you can avoid falling into these relationships by holding back a little, taking things slower, and not giving so much.

You’re also going to meet some girls who are very deceitful, disrespectful, disloyal, dishonest and unfaithful. They’re hard to spot, but at the first sign of trouble – RUN! FAST! FAR!

You’ll learn a lot from the relationships you’ll enter, so don’t worry about it too much.

Once you meet Nora you’ll find out what a woman is. Not a girl. Like I said, you’ll meet her at rock bottom, and she’ll be the first and only girl to give to you. She’s respectful, loyal, honest and faithful. She’ll have your back through it all, and raise your children amazingly well.

You’ll lose sight of all of this when you’re struggling with your health anxiety, but once the clouds clear and you recover you’ll realise where your heart belongs. Where you belong.


When you’re as young as you are right now, and with the money you’re going to run into when things start taking off, it’s going to be easy to lose your head and behave like a clown.

There’s no need to go there, so take this advice in right now and make changes. I now always focus on being humble, respectful, honest, loyal, well-mannered and polite. I don’t allow myself to waste time and energy on negative thoughts, people or emotions. Nothing but positivity.

Have integrity. Be giving. Look after others. Be a decent human being. Start now!

Yours sincerely,


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