One Delivery Review – McDonald’s, Subway & KFC Delivery in the UK

One Delivery

So last night after doing my stair sprints I was feeling super hungry. But I was also feeling super tired and lazy. So I thought I would finally give One Delivery a try because I heard that they deliver McDonald’s, and I just needed a Big Mac. Big Mac sauce. Mmmmmm!

What is One Delivery?

One Delivery is a fast food and restaurant delivery service that was launched back in 2013 by Craig Pollock. He started with a few local restaurants and now his company delivers tasty fast food and restaurant quality food to hungry britons in every major city across the UK.

They operate a franchise model which means every part of the UK is run by a different person, somebody who invested to manage that area. The problem with this model as I see it right now is that each area has different restaurant menu prices, and different delivery charges. I’m assuming each local franchise manager sets his or her own prices. So it’s very inconsistent.

With that said, everything seems to be managed very well and the ordering and delivery systems appear to be very streamlined with delivery tracking similar to Amazon’s Prime Now.

You can get the One Delivery App on the Apple App Store here, and Google Play here.

Here are some of the restaurants One Delivery deliver food from:

  • McDonald’s Delivery
  • Subway Delivery
  • KFC Delivery
  • Burger King Delivery
  • Nando’s Delivery
  • Five Guys Delivery
  • Krispy Kreme Delivery (had a free doughnut yet?)
  • Convenience Store Delivery (alcohol, cigarettes, food, essentials)

That’s just a handful of the restaurants One Delivery work with, but there are many more all across the UK, and I think One Delivery Liverpool will be doing Frankie & Benny’s delivery, and if you’ve read my Tastecard post you’ll know that’s probably my favourite restaurant.

My One Delivery Review

I’m currently in Lytham St Annes so my local franchise is One Delivery Blackpool.

After viewing the menu prices for McDonald’s in my local area back home, the McDonald’s menu prices for One Delivery in Blackpool were much more sensible, as was the delivery cost.

Here’s what I added to my basket; Big Mac Meal (large) with a Coke for £6.79, The Spicy Burger (not a meal) from the Signature Collection for £6.39, Apple Pie for £1.69 and a BBQ dip for £0.60. The delivery charge was £2.95, with a service charge of £0.50, for a total of £18.92.

I placed my order with One Delivery at 10:30PM – I know, I shouldn’t be eating so late. YOLO!

My order was with me, piping hot, before 11PM. I recall opening the door and saying “jesus, that was fast!” That was a nice surprise, I’m used to waiting an hour plus for takeaway deliveries.

After my positive first-time experience with One Delivery I will definitely be using them again. Probably not often, because it’s very expensive, but definitely when I’m feeling lazy. But I’m almost certain One Delivery will be a big hit amongst people who don’t drive.

Expensive? Absolutely. Worth it when you’re feeling lazy? Absolutely.

Common One Delivery Questions

One Delivery is a fast-growing company so understandably there are a lot of questions being asked about them, their service, payment methods, and so on. Here are some answers.

  • What payment methods do One Delivery accept?
    With most restaurants they accept debit / credit card payments, or cash on delivery.

  • Do One Delivery accept PayPal?
    Unfortunately, you cannot pay with PayPal on One Delivery. Maybe in the future.

  • How much does delivery cost from One Delivery?
    One Delivery is run by franchisees, so delivery costs will differ from area to area. For example, my local area is £5.99 for delivery,  and in Blackpool delivery is just £2.95.
  • Can I be a One Delivery delivery driver?
    Yes – One Delivery have a page for becoming a delivery driver here.

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