Snatch Game Review, Codes & Tips for Winning Free Prizes

Snatch App

Snatch game / app is an awesome augmented reality game available on iPhone / iPad and Android devices. It’s a real-world treasure hunt, with real prizes. Yes, you can win actual prizes!

What is Snatch?

Think Pokémon GO, but with boxes containing real prizes – coins, cash, discounts, free stuff.

Snatch uses Google Maps and spawns random boxes near to you which can be collected either by pressing on them, or using your camera with augmented reality which is great fun.

The goal is not only to collect boxes you find whilst out exploring, but also to Snatch them from other players near-by who will defend them using in-game defensive gadgets like dodge, hideout, skedaddle and guard dog. You must hold on to boxes for 6 hours before they can be opened.

Download Snatch for iPhones / iPads here, and for Android Phones / Tablets here.

How To Play Snatch

It’s very straightforward – fire the game up, look for boxes near you on the map, get out of your house and find them. Use the augmented reality camera to collect them in style. Fun!

Now the hard work begins, especially in busy cities. You must hold on to and defend each of the boxes you have collected for 6 hours. If somebody tries to snatch a box from you, you must spend coins on defensive gadgets or you will lose your boxes. Scroll down for tips on this.

Here are some of the in-game features and functionality you need to know about:

  • Swag Bag Capacity
    When you first start playing Snatch, you will only be able to collect and hold on to 5 boxes at a time, and snatch up to 10 boxes. That’s all your ‘swag bag’ will hold, but this will increase as you level up. The maximum capacity it will ever reach is 20.
  • Coins
    Coins are the in-game currency required for purchasing gadgets to attack other players when stealing their boxes, or to defend when your box is at risk of being snatched.
  • Levels / XP
    Levels have different capabilities – for example, your collection distance, collection limit and snatching limit (swag bag capacity). You level up by earning XP performing different actions in the game, such as opening boxes, snatching boxes or deploying gadgets.
  • Green House Icons
    You may be wondering what the green house icons are on your Snatch map. These are safe houses (businesses) where you’re protected from other Snatchers. These are usually shops or restaurants, and Snatch will give you great deals and offers to eat there.
  • Golden Parcels
    Gold boxes are extremely rare and contain a gauranteed cash prize. Good luck!
  • Daily Rewards
    On your 4th day of consecutive play, you will begin getting daily rewards for opening Snatch. Each day you’ll get a free box, 200 coins and up to 10 diamonds. Yippee!

Is Snatch a SCAM? Do You REALLY Win Prizes?

Snatch is NOT a SCAM. It’s a legitimate game and app where you will genuinely get prizes from the boxes you collect in the game. These can be coins, discounts, free trials, cash or actual free stuff like Amazon gift cards, t-shirts, Apple TV, and much more. It’s as real as it gets.

In my first day playing Snatch I collected and opened 6 boxes. I won 155 coins, a free toucan kids craft box, £20 OFF Asics running shoes, and 3 meals for 2 from Gousto for £14.99 (50% OFF).

Can’t grumble really, can you? Fun, adventure and exercise with real rewards.

Snatch Game Tips

Finding and collecting boxes in Snatch is the easy part – holding on to them for 6 hours until they can be opened can be tough, especially if you’re playing in busy cities, and you will need A LOT of coins to defend them all. For the best chance of success, use my simple tips below.

1. Play at Night

Remember, you must hold on to collected boxes for 6 hours before they can be opened. During the day, especially in busy areas, that is going to be extremely difficult and will require a lot of coins to successfully protect all of your boxes. Instead, try to collect your boxes just before midnight and then use the guard dog gadget, which is 85% effective and lasts for 6 hours.

2. Invite Your Friends

Coins will be the difference between winning a prize or losing your boxes to fellow Snatchers. In the game, tap on “500 FREE COINS” and invite all of your friends to the game, or give them your code (provided on that page) and both of you will get 500 coins. I have some Snatch codes below you can use to get free coins, too, and feel free to post your code to be added to the list.

3. Snatchatron 3000

See a box a street or two away but can’t be bothered leaving your house? Or are you hunting at the beach (like I do) and can’t quite reach boxes which are showing in the ocean? That’s where the Snatchatron 3000 gadget can help you. Reach up to 500 metres for 200 coins.

Snatch Codes

Snatch game codes can be used within the game get free coins. Coins are the in-game currency required to purchase gadgets to defend your boxes, so it’s imperative you have a lot.

Each of the codes below will give you 500 Snatch coins. Use lots of them!


To Redeem: In the menu, tap on “500 FREE COINS” and at the bottom you’ll see “Have a code? Redeem here” so tap on that link and enter the Snatch codes above. There’s no usage limit.

If you have a Snatch code, leave it in the comments below and I’ll add it to this list.

Snatch Review

I think Snatch is a brilliant game. Just like Pokémon GO, it gets kids and adults who haven’t quite grown up (like me) out of the house, being adventurous, exercising and, most importantly, having fun. I’m going to get my young kids involved, and I just know that they will love it.

Don’t take it too seriously and expect to win a million pounds in a box you find. Enjoy the game, have fun, and treat any prizes you get as a bonus. It’s all free, after all.

Enjoy, have fun, and respect one-another out there!

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