4 Apps to Get Cashback on Your Groceries at Supermarkets in the UK

Grocery Cashback Apps

Cashback is all the rage right now with sites like TopCashback and Quidco helping millions of shoppers in the UK to get cashback on their regular online purchases every month.

One area where TopCashback and Quidco are lacking, however, is with in-store cashback. I mean they do have a few offers for grocery cashback, but they’re very limited and hardly even worth looking at. Instead, use a cashback app which is solely for groceries and supermarkets.

Here are 4 of the best apps to get cashback for shopping at local supermarkets.

1. CheckoutSmart

CheckoutSmart is the best shopping cashback app of the bunch for me – it’s updated with new great cashback offers regularly and there are always products that offer 100% cashback. So basically, free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? I really like free stuff. Gimme, gimme.

CheckoutSmart also feature the most supermarkets out of all of the apps on this list. They work with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, ASDA, Waitrose, Boots, Superdrug, Aldi and more.

To claim clashback, simply take a photo of your receipt. Couldn’t be easier.

Payout: £1 via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

CheckoutSmart App

Get CheckoutSmart for iOS on the Apple Store here, or Android on the Google Play Store here.

2. GreenJinn

GreenJinn is one of the newer apps and only currently features 3 supermarkets; Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. They’re crowdfunded and are growing quickly so get on board now.

Even with only a few supermarkets listed, it has plenty of offers from great household brands offering great cashback, and it is probably the most aesthetically pleasing app. Unlike CheckoutSmart and Shopmium, however, I haven’t seen any 100% cashback offers on it yet.

Payout: £1.50 via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

GreenJinn App

Get GreenJinn for iOS on the Apple Store here, or Android on the Google Play Store here.

3. Shopmium

Shopmium is the first grocery cashback app I used, and like CheckoutSmart it often features products that offer 100% cashback. So again, more free stuff. Yippee!

Shopmium is very transparent. For example, in my screenshot below you can see that they show you how much cashback is currently available to claim in the App. At the time of writing, this was £90. And that Watermlon Water you see is actually offering 100% cashback. So free.

Payout: Paid upon claiming (no minimum amount) via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Free Chocolate Bar: You can get a free chocolate bar when you join Shopmium. Download the App, create an account and enter the code R7JI2 for a free Lindt or Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

Shopmium App

Get Shopmium for iOS on the Apple Store here, or Android on the Google Play Store here.

4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a little different than the other apps I have listed in that you don’t get cashback on specific products. Instead, you upload ALL receipts that you get from shopping almost anywhere and you’re awarded points, based on spend, which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards and cash. You can earn bonuses for uploading receipts often, and playing fun slots.

Receipt Hog collect all of this data, make it anonymous and sell it to brands and retailers so that they can better understand customer spending habits and patterns in different parts of the UK. This is then usex to better market their products. You have nothing to lose by sharing this.

Payout: 1,500 points (£5) via PayPal or 1,000 points (£3) via Amazon Gift Card.

Receipt Hog App

Get Receipt Hog for iOS on the Apple Store here, or Android on the Google Play Store here.

None of these apps are going to make you rich, but they can save you a lot of money every year so use all 4 of them every time you shop, and upload all of your receipts to Receipt Hog.

Know about any other supermarket cashback apps? Share them below.

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