Chester Zoo with My Kids – Review, Ticket Prices & Hotels Near By

Chester Zoo

On Saturday I went to Chester Zoo with my two kids – it’s something we had planned for Poppy’s birthdayf last Thursday, but we decided to book it for Saturday instead as she was supposed to be in school during the week, although my poor little girl ended up being off sick.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a very rainy and cold day, but we decided to go anyway. The kids were wrapped up well enough and had their cute umbrellas with them.

We arrived at Chester Zoo just before it opened at 10AM and collected our tickets.

Upon entering we headed straight to the Elephant enclosure, but they hadn’t ventured outside yet so we moved on towards the Monkey house (the kids had been really excited to see them).

Opposite the Monkey enclosure was this cute baby Elephant statue:

Chester Zoo - Kids with Elephant
After stroking the cute baby elephant we headed inside the Monkey building and watched them eat, jump and swing around as you’d expect. The kids didn’t stop smiling. They’re ace!

After leaving the funny Monkey’s behind we headed up over the wooden bat’s bridge which crosses a couple of murky rivers that my son, Marty, said had crocodiles in haha. The bridge lead to the North African Cheetahs, which are just stunning animals. So fast, powerful and agile.

Marty on the Wooden Bridge at Chester Zoo Poppy on the Wooden Bridge at Chester Zoo
Beyond the Cheetahs, as we continued on the wooden bridge, we passed the Howler Monkeys before spotting the most amazing, and most popular animals at the zoo. The Asiatic Lions.

Unfortunately, they weren’t out which was disappointing. But the kids didn’t care:

Poppy & Marty Playing in Puddle of Water
I get it – I remember as a kid jumping around in puddles of water. Haha. They picked up a leaf each and began dunking them into the water whilst trying their best not to get drenched.

Next, we headed to the toilets towards the Giant Otters where Poppy and Marty spotted the train, or Zoofari Monorail as the guys at Chester Zoo call it. Marty absolutely LOVES trains so of course we had to go on it. Right after we went to check out the Giant Otters, of course.

Giant Otters at Chester Zoo with Poppy and Marty
Such intriguing and funny animals, they instantly swam over to us and popped out of the water to say hello to us. You can see one between Poppy and Marty in the picture above. Cute, huh?

We didn’t stay at the Giant Otters for long because the kids now only had one thing on their minds. The train! So we walked back to the Monorail Station opposite the toilets and grabbed our tickets. After a short wait, the Elephant train chugged into the station much to the delight of the kids. We hopped aboard and enjoyed an 8-minute scenic ride where we spotted a lot of different animals, including the Elephants who had finally ventured outside, and the beautiful Giraffes.

We went to have a look at the Elephants. Such elegant and clever animals they are. They have a few babies there and they’re just adorable. I love them. The kids loved them too.

By now it was really chucking it down so the kids got their umbrellas out.

Poppy & Marty Umbrellas at Chester Zoo
I really love that picture. Poppy has only just turned 4 and looks like a little grown up, and she thinks she is too. Makes me smile. They’re so beautiful. My little loves! <3

Next we headed into the nearby Butterfly house after checking out the Giraffes. This was the highlight of the day for all of us. It’s a building filled with plants and trees where Butterflies are free to fly around. There are so many different kinds in there, so colourful and beautiful, and they literally fly right past your face, under and over you. The kids absolutely love Butterflies so they must have felt like they were in heaven. If you go to Chester Zoo, PLEASE visit them!

After we had finished our walk through the Butterfly Journey we walked beside a river where the kids spotted some ducks (they love them) and a beautiful robin redbreast.

“Aww duckies!”

Ducks at Chester Zoo
“Look Daddy, a birdie!”

Robin Readbreast at Chester Zoo
Melts my heart that picture. My beautiful little boy pointing at a lovely robin redbreast.

Our final stop of the day was at the Tropical Realm which contained over 30 species of birds including a very funny bird who enjoyed repeating what you said to him. The kids didn’t stop smiling and found him very amusing, as did everybody else who was there. Very cool.

Oh there was an impressive waterfall inside, too, with a pool of water filled with coins people had thrown in after making wishes. The kids made wishes and threw coins in. That was nice.

After that we headed back to the car to seek warmth and dryness and headed home.

Chester Zoo Review

Chester Zoo is a fantastic place for the entire family. I’ve been there many times and it’s great with friends, but even better when you see the enjoyment your kids get from seeing the animals there. We didn’t get to see everything that Chester Zoo had to offer, which is a bit disappointing, but my kids are only young and were exhausted after marching around in the cold and rain for hours. But it was a lovely day – they loved it, and Daddy loved it too.

There’s plenty to do there. There are over 21,000 animals to look at across 125 acres of beautiful land. There are plenty of toilets with changing facilities as well as plenty of places to eat and buy snacks and drinks. There’s also a large playground near the Giant Otters which is great fun.

If you’re looking for a day out with your children, I’d highly recommend you check out Chester Zoo. Even if it’s raining or cold, it’s a great and really enjoyable day out. For you and them.

Make sure you take a ride on the train (monorail). It’s great fun with fantastic views.

Chester Zoo Prices

Chester Zoo ticket prices are pretty expensive and a family day out there can really put a dent in your wallet, but at the end of the day it’s a full-day event that will put a smile on your children’s faces and, as a result, yours. And you’re supporting a humongous operation, and great cause.

Book your tickets online in advance to save up to 10% on ticket prices at the zoo. Children aged 2 and under get free admission at Chester Zoo. Don’t forget to gift aid your payment.

Buy Chester Zoo Tickets

You can buy tickets for Chester Zoo by clicking here and selecting the date you’d like to visit. On and off-peak pricing will vary depending on the time of year, time of week and whether or not there are currently any school holiday’s that will lead to an increased interest in the zoo.

Remember to gift aid your payment when booking. It costs you nothing and Chester Zoo can get an extra 25p per £1 spent from the government. Chester Zoo is a Charity so it helps.

How to Get Cheaper Chester Zoo Tickets

I tried really hard to find vouchers or coupon codes to get discounted tickets for Chester Zoo, but they simply don’t exist, and for good reason I guess. It’s a massive, MASSIVE zoo with over 21,000 animals and I’d imagine hundreds of staff and they therefore need the money to run it.

The only way to get cheaper Chester Zoo tickets is to book in advance to save up to 10%, book off-peak times and days, and also consider riding a bike there to save 15% (yes, really).

Where is Chester Zoo?

Chester Zoo is located on Moston Rd in Upton-by-Chester in Cheshire.

The postcode for your sat nav is CH2 1EU. Plenty of parking is available on-site for FREE.

Hotels Near Chester Zoo

I only live in a 40 to 50-minute drive from Chester Zoo so hotels aren’t something we needed to use during our visit to the zoo, but if you’re travelling from another part of the country I’d highly recommend booking a hotel. You can visit the zoo and explore the rest of Cheshire, then.

Here are a few options for you:

Sykes Cottages – Rent entire homes, cottages and apartments. Plenty in Cheshire.

Travelodge – They have hotels within easy reach of Chester Zoo.

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