Crosby Beach with My Kids

Crosby Beach

The sun was shining nicely yesterday so I took Poppy and Marty to Crosby Beach in Merseyside to check out the Another Place sculptures by Antony Gormley because I knew they’d love them.

They absolutely love going to the beach. I took them to Formby Beach last week where they really enjoyed seeing the local red squirrels and wandering around on the beach, collecting seashells and rolling down sand dunes. I think we all have fond memories of the beach as kids.

I hadn’t been to Crosby Beach in maybe 7 or 8 years so I was looking forward to it.

For those who have never been, Crosby Beach has 100 cast iron figures stood in the sand all across the beach. They’re a permanent feature of the beach and the sculptures are known as Another Place by Antony Gormley. You can see them a little in the header picture. It’s brilliant.

We got to the beach at around 10:30AM and it was already really busy because it was a lovely day, sunshine-wise at least, but it was very cold. It was 3°C so we couldn’t stay too long.

Poppy found a seashell first:

Poppy's Seashell at Crosby Beach
And then Marty found a seashell:

Marty's Seashell at Crosby Beach
The first thing they did when we got onto the beach was to start searching for seashells. I love watching them collect them because it makes them so happy, and it’s really cute watching them fill up their pockets after running to me excitedly to show me what they’ve found.

Poppy found one that looked like a big snail. She was so happy with it.

And then they spotted a sculpture:

Marty & Poppy with Sculpture at Crosby Beach
They were really impressed with the sculpture and wanted to go searching for all of the others after they’d seen him. Unfortunately, the tide was quite far in so the majority of them were underwater and out of our reach. But we went searching anyway, of course.

At this point I had to put gloves on the kids as obviously you feel the cold a lot more when you’re on a beach and exposed to the wind. It was 3°C, but it felt like it was below zero.

Wind Turbines from Crosby Beach:

Crosby Beach Wind Turbines
One of the things I love about Crosby Beach is the amazing view you get of the Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm. I have a strange love for wind turbines that I can’t explain. Seeing them just makes me feel happy. It’s just one of those things. My kids call wind turbines ‘spinny’ haha.

You can also see more sculptures further out stood underwater in that picture.

My favourite picture of the day:

Poppy & Marty at Crosby Beach
This is my favourite picture from our day at Crosby Beach. I like it because the kids are pretty much silhouettes, with shadows, and the sun is shining bright with a ray of light right between them. I don’t know, it’s just a really nice photograph. Poppy’s hands make me chuckle, too, and Marty is holding his hood because it’s so windy haha. They make me laugh so much.

After this picture we collected some more seashells and then had to head back to the car because the kids were really cold. I’ll have to take them again on a warmer day (hurry up Summer). They wanted to go and say their goodbyes to the figure we met earlier first, though, haha.

When we got back to the car park there were lots of birds jumping around on the floor. The kids called them Piper because they looked like the bird in Piper, the short animation by Pixar.

Definitely give Crosby Beach a visit if you’ve never been. It’s a lovely place.

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm a blogger and also founder and director of new businesses Lead Peep and Rankable. I love my two beautiful kids, Poppy and Marty, being a Daddy is the best.

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