Fairhaven Lake with My Kids

It was quite a nice, sunny day yesterday in England so I decided to take my kids to check out Fairhaven Lake in Lytham St Annes, a place I am becoming increasingly fond of.

Fairhaven Lake is right next to the beach, close to Granny’s Bay and Stanner Bank, making it a great place to take your kids as you can enjoy everything the lake and gardens have to offer and then head over to the beach afterwards to build sand castles and collect seashells.

Tennis, boating, basketball, bowls and a skate park are just some of the activities available.

Fairhaven Lake & Gardens with My Kids

Fairhaven Lake is a very picturesque place and there’s so much to do there aside from the obvious lovely morning or evening walk with a friend, partner or dog. It’s the perfect place for it.

The first thing we noticed when we entered the park via the pay and display car park was the Spitfire Memorial which you can see in my header picture as Poppy and Marty are running across the castle wall (yeah, it’s a castle wall haha). It’s a really lovely feature in the gardens.

The beautiful lake and gardens are set over 19.5 hectares of land. Very large!

Here’s a picture of Marty under the Spitfire:

Fairhaven Lake Spitfire
While Marty was checking out the awesome Spitfire, Poppy was racing up and down the grassy hills around us. She was loving it, although Marty’s legs are too little to run as fast haha.

There’s nothing better than opening up your lungs and stretching your legs as a kid, is there? I remember the feeling when I were a little Marty. Running, tumbling and jumping across fields of grass. Makes you feel young again even just watching your kids doing it. I love it.

And then they spotted their favourites, the birds:

Fairhaven Lake Ducks
Fairhaven Lake is full of birds. There’s a group of over 250 Canadian Geese, lots of Swans, coots and water hens among many others. It’s a popular place for birdwatchers and photographers.

I love seeing them around birds because they love them so much. Makes me smile.

Their Mum used to take them to feed the birds what seemed like every other day when they were little which is the reason they are very fond of them. We couldn’t feed the birds at Fairhaven Lake though as they have signs up telling you not to, which was a shame, but the kids didn’t mind.

We then followed the grey brick road that isn’t made of bricks:

Fairhaven Lake & Gardens
Well, the kids actually ran along the raised grass you can see in the left of the picture.

That’s the castle wall I mentioned in the picture with the Spitfire. Kids have the best, most creative minds, don’t they? It was me who said it was a castle wall, but I am a man child.

This path is really pleasant to walk along as it hugs the lake all the way down to the other end. We spotted lots of happy old couples and dog walkers out enjoying an afternoon stroll. And us? Well, there was only one destination for us once the kids spotted it just beyond the Tennis courts.

And that was, of course, the playground:

Fairhaven Lake Playground
The playground was lots of fun, the kids spent quite a while there and didn’t want to leave.

Poppy loved the pirate ship slide that had to be climbed via rocks on one side, or via a net on the other. Marty loved the pirate ship you could sit in (didn’t get a photo, d’oh) and steer. He made me sit in it and we sailed the Fairhaven seas looking for the lost treasure. Arghhh!

Here’s a picture of them on the rocking horse:

Fairhaven Lake Playground with Kids
The playground will keep your kids entertained for hours – it has swings, a spinning roundabout, a slide, balancing beams, a sand pit with treasure chest, a sit-on pirate ship and more.

There are picnic benches overlooking the playground just outside the park which is perfect for you to sit and have some food with your kids, and offers a good viewing point should you wish to sit down as the kids play together. The cafe is located just a few metres from the playground.

And here’s our final picture of the day:

Fairhaven Lake Bench Kids
Two tired little kiddies ready for a Happy Meal from McDonald’s and a drive home.

Marty, in typical Male fashion, enjoyed a nice nap during the drive home after filling his tummy with some food. Poppy, on the other hand, spent the entire journey home having me repeat the song ‘Rewrite the Stars’ from musical The Greatest Showman and we duetted over and over.

Now that I think about it, Marty probably wasn’t even sleeping as we drove home. We was probably pretending to avoid our duets, and trying to escape my singing. Hahaha.

Things To Do at Fairhaven Lake & Gardens

As you have already seen there is plenty to do at Fairhaven Lake, but my kids and I only experienced a few of them. Some activities, such as boat hire, tennis, and a few other things are seasonal, usually available between April and October on weekends and during school holidays.

Here’s a list of the activities available at Fairhaven Lake:

  • Children’s Playground
  • Motorboat, Canoe & Rowing Boat Hire
  • Lake Cruises Lasting 10-15 Minutes
  • Promenades & Picturesque Walks
  • Toilets
  • A Lovely Cafe
  • Crazy Golf
  • Crown Green Bowling
  • Tennis & Basketball Courts
  • Skate & BMX Park
  • Basketball
  • Floral Displays
  • Picnic Area
  • RSPB Ribble Discovery Centre

If you have kids and don’t live too far from the Lytham, St Annes and Blackpool areas then I’d highly recommend a trip here with your kids. Maybe during the Summer holidays.

Your kids will love it, and you will too. We will be going there again soon!

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm a blogger and also founder and director of new businesses Lead Peep and Rankable. I love my two beautiful kids, Poppy and Marty, being a Daddy is the best.

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