How to Get Xbox Live Gold for Free

Xbox Live

I’m going to show you how to get free Xbox Live Gold from Microsoft. Totally legit. No BS.

An Xbox Live Gold membership will cost you £39.99 a year, which, when you think about it, isn’t all that bad really. That’s only £3.33 a month to enjoy the endless benefits of Xbox Live such as up to £500 in free monthly games with Games with Gold, a perk I’ve been enjoying a lot.

But what if I told you that you could actually scrap that yearly cost and get Xbox Live Gold for free. Like completely, genuinely, no-strings-attached free? Every single year. Forever.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Allow me to educate you.

TIP: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time searching for free Xbox Live Codes. They DO NOT exist. You will be tricked into doing surveys and WILL NOT get an Xbox Live code.

Meet Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a free rewards program by Microsoft that I’d imagine the majority of Xbox and Microsoft users have no idea about. But it’s really worth using it to get free Xbox Live.

As you’re probably aware, Microsoft own Bing and they’re doing everything they can to get people to move away from rival search engine, Google, and that’s where Microsoft Rewards enters the picture. Among other things, you will be rewarded for each search you perform on Bing.

DO NOT move away from Google for Bing permanently. Just use Bing for points.

1) Set your goal, which will be 12 months Xbox Live Gold Membership:

Xbox Live isn’t the only option available when setting goals and redeeming points, by the way, you can also get game passes, Skype Unlimited, Starbucks gift cards and more.

You will need to earn 29,000 points for a free 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

2) Earn points by Shopping and Searching (PC & Mobile) on Bing every day:

You can earn up to 150 points every day by searching Bing (3 points per search) which comprises of 90 points on PC and 60 points on a Mobile device. That’s 50 searches a day total, by the way. Remember, you will also earn points when you buy games and other gear from Microsoft.

3) Top up your daily points with fun quizzes and stuff:

Microsoft Rewards Free Points
That may seem like a lot of searching, but you don’t have to do 50 searches a day. Each day when you login to Microsoft Rewards you will have new fun quizzes and suggested topics to view which reward you with even more points. For example, quiz questions reward you with 10 points for correct answers (you get multiple tries so you can’t fail). It’s really easy and worth it.

As you can see in the above image, today upon logging in I got an easy 90 points.

Can You Really Get Xbox Live Gold for Free This Way?

Yes – most definitely, and it’s not exactly difficult. Let’s look at the maths.

A 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership costs 29,000 points. We want to earn a free Xbox Live Membership every 365 days, which works out at 80 points per day, or 27 searches.

BUT remember, each day you will get free points just for doing fun quizzes, checking out the pronunciation of words and viewing recent news, etc. So you won’t actually even have to do 27 searches a day, and a lot of days the quizzes etc. will cover the 80 points you need every day, just as you saw in the image at step 3 above where I got 90 free points upon logging in.

Easy enough, right? Get over to Microsoft Rewards and never pay for Xbox Live Gold again.

Sound like too much hard work for you? Another potential option is to do online surveys that actually pay you real money. I made £20 in my first day with one survey site.

Whichever method you choose, enjoy your free Xbox Live Gold Membership! 🙂

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