Jens Sweet Box Review – A Retro Sweets Subscription Box

Jens Sweet Shop Box

Jens Sweet Box is a new addition to my subscription boxes post, and it’s a yummylicious box you can get every 2 or 4 weeks by Jens Sweet Shop containing traditional retro sweets like bon bons, fizzy cola bottles, chocolate limes and fruity mega lollies. I absolutely love retro sweets.

Jens Sweet Boxes cost just £5.95, although you can save £2 on your first box by using the discount code below, making it one of the most affordable subscription boxes around.

Discount Code: FIRSTBOX to get £2 OFF your first box!

What’s Inside Jens Sweet Boxes?

Because these subscription boxes are sold by a proper traditional sweet shop with over 400 different types of sweets at a physical location in Birmingham (like something out of Willy Wonka) it means your bi-weekly or monthly box will always contain new sweets.

You can choose between 3 different box types when subscribing – Ultimate Mystery Mixup, Perfect Pick n Mix-up or Tasty Traditional Mixup.

Boxes contain 4 bags of sweets as well as two random flavoured mega lollies.

Here’s what was inside my first sweetie box from Jens Sweet Shop:

Jens Sweet Shop Box
My box contained white chocolate fish & chips, chocolate limes (LOVE), fizzy peaches, golden bears, a mango mega lolly and a tutti fruitti mega lolly. The only thing I was missing was Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on the TV whilst I was rampaging through each bag.

I love how cutely packed the boxes are, and I also love how the sweets are packed into see-through bags so that you can see what you’ve got as soon as you open up your box.

Why I Love Jens Sweet Boxes

There’s something very nostalgic about retro sweets. I love that they take you back to a time when you were in school as a kid and would return home via your local confectionary shop where you’d grab 100 grams of chocolate nibbles (my favourite) and 100 grams of strawberry bon bons.

Not only that, but the boxes are big enough to provide an exciting and tasty frequent treat (or 6) but small enough to stop you from overindulging in an unhealthy manner.

Other things I love:

  • Boxes fit through your letterbox like Graze Boxes
  • Large variety of over 400 retro sweets
  • Very affordable with bi-weekly or monthly deliveries
  • Paper insert lists your sweets as well as their ingredients

WIN free sweets by sharing your box on Instagram and Facebook with #jenssweetbox.

Want to give Jens Sweet Boxes a try? You can subscribe here.

Jens Sweet Box Review
  • Value for Money
  • Selection of Sweets
  • Packaging & Delivery


Jens Sweet Boxes are fantastic for retro and traditional sweet lovers who want an exciting box filled with tasty sweeties dropped through their letterbox every 2 or 4 weeks at a very affordable price.

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