How to Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a passion for a lot of people, and many have or will do it for many years for free. But you should monetise your content and make money blogging. It’s a fantastic feeling when you can earn money just for doing what you love, writing about your life and things you love.

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I started this blog at the start of 2018 and started making money from it exactly 1 month later, by using affiliate programs, but there are many ways to make money from your blog.

Here are 3 different ways to make money writing on your blog:

Affiliate Programs

Sign up to and use all of the affiliate networks listed below alongside traditional advertising and sponsored posts (see below) on your blog to maximise your blog revenue.

Affiliate links can make you a lot of money if placed correctly within your content.

1. Awin (Affiliate Window)

Awin (Affiliate Window) is the crème de la crème when it comes to affiliate programs in the UK. All of the brands, companies and shops worth promoting are on there. Thousands of them. You need to pay £5 to have your application reviewed by Awin, which is credited to your account when you are approved. My first commission with Affiliate Window was for £53. Yippee!

Minimum payout on Awin is £20 by bank transfer two times per month.

Ready to get started? Click here to join Affiliate Window.

2. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is just as big as Awin, with all of the big grands, only it removes all of the manual work required to collect and insert links into your posts by automatically inserting relevant affiliate links within your content. For example, if you write a post about the new iPhone, Skimlinks will automatically link to relevant phone networks and shops to earn you commissions.

Minimum payout on Skimlinks is £7 by bank transfer or PayPal.

Ready to get started? Click here to join Skimlinks.

3. Monetise

Monetise is another UK-based affiliate network. They’re more focused on lead generation, which means you get paid for delivering email submissions and signups rather than receiving a varying commission of a sale as you would with Affiliate Window. They have some good offers.

Minimum payout on Monetise is £30 by bank transfer or PayPal.

Ready to get started? Click here to join Monetise.

4. ShareASale

ShareASale is another great affiliate network with brands like Reebok, Lovehoney and Etsy ready for you to promote. ShareASale is a US-based affiliate network, but they have plenty of UK brands on-board and there are also a lot of online services and web apps for you to promote.

Minimum payout on ShareASale is $50 by bank transfer or check.

Ready to get started? Click here to join ShareASale.

Display Advertising

Traditional display advertising is still a great way to make money from your blog, but you need to have a lot of pageviews to make decent money from it. Some display networks will pay you per click, some will pay per 1,000 impressions, and most will now pay you for both.

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads will generate the most money for you on a blog.

1. Mediavine

Mediavine is the best ad network available for bloggers and content websites. Yes, even better than Google Adsense. However, you must get at least 25,000 sessions (not pageviews) a month to apply to run their ads. I’ve heard of CPM rates as high as $20 from people using Mediavine.

Payment is on a NET 75 basis via PayPal. Plus, you’ll get a yearly loyalty bonus (kerching).

Ready to get started? Click here to join Mediavine.

2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is great to run if you haven’t yet met the minimum requirements of 25,000 sessions a month to apply for Mediavine, or if your blog isn’t suitable for the Mediavine Publisher Network. CPM rates are pretty low for most websites, so optimise ad placements for clicks.

Minimum payout on Adsense is £60 via bank transfer on a monthly basis.

Ready to get started? Click here to join Google Adsense.

There are plenty of smaller display advertising networks out there but you will see very little revenue from them, so I’d focus on the two big players I have mentioned above.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts and collaborations can make up a large percentage of the yearly income generated on a blog for a lot of bloggers. It’s where a company pays you, or sends you free products, or both, to write about the company and/or products you receive.

Companies do this to generate buzz, sales and awareness for their products, new lines and brand. Bloggers can be very influential. Sometimes it’s done for the SEO benefits (links), too.

But exactly how do you find these sponsored posting opportunities?

1. Bloggers Required

Bloggers Required is a platform that bridges the gap between bloggers and brands / agencies with a marketplace of exciting blogging assignments that you can freely apply to.

The blogging assignments posted usually involve reviewing new products or services, often from large brands like Superdrug (my first assignment) and usually you’re compensated with getting to keep the product(s) although more established bloggers can expect payment, too.

It is entirely free to use. You can check out their latest blogging assignments over here.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is marketplace for freelancers where you offer ‘gigs’ for a set price. You could offer guest posts on your DA 30 fashion blog, or whatever it is, and up-sell things like you writing the content instead of them providing it, a dofollow link and even faster delivery. It works, trust me.

DO NOT undersell yourself on Fiverr. A lot of garbage is sold on there, but also a lot of great gigs are sold. I buy a lot of quality gigs on there and you can be one of them. Stick to your guns.

Head over to Fiverr and click “Become a Seller” to get started.

3. Facebook Groups

There are plenty of flourishing Facebook Groups around for bloggers, and brands and agencies actively use them to pitch opportunities to bloggers that you can apply for almost daily.

Here are just a few of them for you UK bloggers:

Even if you don’t use these groups to find paid blogging opportunities, you should be using them to pick up knowledge, ask questions and connect with your fellow UK bloggers.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic way to find paid blogging opportunities and collaborations with brands.

First, you can follow @BonjourBlogger who frequently retweet blogger opportunities. Second, you can use Twitter’s powerful hashtag search feature to find opportunities.

Use these hashtags to find blogging opportunities on Twitter:

So there you go, I hope this post helps you to make money blogging.

Good luck! 🙂

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm a blogger and also founder and director of new businesses Lead Peep and Rankable. I love my two beautiful kids, Poppy and Marty, being a Daddy is the best.

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