The Bridge Ducking Game

Do you ever play the bridge ducking game whilst traveling by car with your kids?

Whenever I’m driving anywhere on the motorway with Poppy and Marty we always play the bridge ducking game. On Friday we went to Fairhaven Lake, and on Sunday we went to Formby Beach, and on both of those days we must have dodged hundreds of bridges.

What is the bridge ducking game?

Well, I’m sure you have already guessed from the header picture and name.

The bridge ducking game involves the brilliant eyesight of your kids, and their frequent shouting of army-like orders to “GET DOWN! DUCKKK!” when your car is about to go under a bridge.

They then throw their heads down as if they’re preparing for an emergency airplane landing in the ocean, and if they miss one I ask them where their head is gone. Haha. It’s great fun, makes long journeys seem shorter and is great to listen to your kids being imaginative and fun.

In our car, Poppy usually spots the bridges and Marty calls out the colour.

Sometimes the kids even pull out their super duper magical imaginary binocular goggles so that they can spot the bridges that the eyes can’t quite see yet. Don’t believe me?

Here’s Poppy using her binocular goggles:

Poppy Bridge Ducking Goggles
And here’s Marty using his binocular goggles:

Marty Bridge Ducking Goggles
I told you! No bridges slip by these two professionals.

Give it a go with your kids next time you’re spending a bit of time on the motorway.

Have fun! 🙂

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