Why Are Some People Such Horrifically Shit Drivers?

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Why? Just why? I don’t get it. DRIVE PROPERLY YOU SHIT HEADS!

I’ve been driving for 12 years so I guess I am quite an experienced driver, but still to this day I’m left bewildered on a daily basis by the way some people drive on the roads in the UK.

I’m fairly certain that people who have life-threatening indicator allergies are one of the most common pet peeves for most of us drivers. Police should pull these people over, violently drag them from their cars and piss all over them. Too much? Okay, just scream at them then.

I mean, how hard is it to push a stick up or down? JUST DO IT! (uh oh, see below)

Shia LaBeouf knows EXACTLY what we need to start doing to people who don’t use their indicators. Walk to their cars and scream “JUST DO IT” through their windows. Hahahaha.

It’s not just the non-indicators who drive me crazy. Equally annoying are the people who pull out on you on roundabouts or at junctions. But not just any old pull out, oh no, these people will pull out on you right after looking you in the eye with a smug grin on their faces. That makes me so fucking furious that I wish I were in an Army Tank so I could drive over their cars.

And what about those really intellectual drivers who think joining a motorway doing 40MPH is a wonderful idea? Bloody match your speed to that of the motorway, stop causing tailbacks on the slip road and disrupting the flow of traffic on the motorway. It’s not difficult.

But why do people drive like this? What’s their deal?

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people simply don’t think properly while they’re driving their cars. By that I mean they’re reacting (poorly) rather than being aware.

For example, when I’m driving along the motorway at 70MPH (of course) I’m always looking quite far ahead and using my awareness and best judgement to anticipate when other cars may want to move out, and I usually move over before they even indicate. I always know what’s beside me and what’s approaching behind me. Always thinking. Always aware. Always prepared.

For these people who drive like complete numpties I can only assume they’re the complete opposite to how I am, and how most of us good drivers are. They’re never aware, always being caught out and having to react rather than being prepared. And reacting very poorly, too.

Drive properly, will you?


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