TopCashback Review – How to Make Money & How it Works


TopCashback is the latest addition to my list of best cashback sites and easily takes the top spot as the best and most rewarding website to be a part of from my list, but I would always recommend using all of the sites to maximise your cashback and make the most cash you can online.

What is TopCashback?

TopCashback is the crème de la crème when it comes to cashback websites and making money online. It’s the UK’s highest paying cashback site, easily beating QuidCo.

TopCashback has millions of members and thousands of merchants and are renowned for paying the highest percentage of their commission to their users, sometimes even more than 100% of it, which is incredible. They guarantee the highest cashback and will always beat competitors.

How Does TopCashack Work?

TopCashback is a great example of affiliate marketing done right. So impressive.

Basically, when you click on a link from the TopCashback website and make a purchase on a merchants store like Reebok or Adidas, TopCashback will be paid a % commission.

This commission is then shared with its members, you, and this is called cashback. It costs you nothing, but TopCashback will earn a bit of money, and you will earn a bit of money, or save, whichever way you want to look at it. Cashback is tax-free, too, as it’s a delayed saving.

You can make at least a few hundred pounds a year if you use TopCashback properly.

How to Make Money with TopCashback

Don’t look at TopCashback as something you have to go on and find a way to spend money in order to earn cashback. You simply want to make checking it part of your routine when you need to make an online purchase. Like, car insurance needed? Check TopCashback.

For example, when I first joined TopCashback I was already in the market for life insurance. I got a policy with Beagle Street via TopCashback and got £290 cashback. Tremendous!

Use the categories on the site to find the best cashback offers when you’re shopping.

Always make it a point to skim over the Offers page, too, as it sometimes contains some great deals that remind you of an upcoming purchase you need to make anyway.

Cashback not tracking? Don’t worry, it happens sometimes. Most merchants will track within a couple of hours, but some can take days. But occasionally the cashback will not track at all and you will need to raise a ticket with TopCashback. They will chase it up and sort it out.

Make sure you always click the link from TopCashback and avoiding visiting a merchant via another link or website before making a purchase or you could lose your cashback.

You can get your money by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Gift Cards.

Here’s how it looks on the payout page:

TopCashback Payout
I cut the rest of the page out in the image above, but below those standard payout options are gift card payout options which offer you a bonus depending on which you use.

TopCashback Plus Membership

With a TopCashBack Plus Membership you can enjoy a 5% cashback bonus on all transactions, a higher tell-a-friend bonus (see below) and exclusive cashback deals and account features.

It’s just £5 a year, which is deducted from your cashback earned via the website.

Is the Plus Membership worth it? Yes, absolutely. It’s a must-have.

Refer Your Friends to TopCashback

A very good way to earn extra money on TopCashback is by telling your friends about the site. Get them to signup and earn some cashback and you’ll earn up to £15 for your efforts.

Is TopCashback Legit or a Scam?

TopCashback is not a scam. A 9.3/10 rating and over 50,000 real member reviews on TrustPilot say it is the most legit website and service of its kind in the UK right now.

Here are just 2 TopCasback reviews I grabbed to prove it:

TopCashback Review
TopCashback Review
As you can clearly see, it is not a scam. Use it without anxiety or concern.

If at any point you’d like to delete your TopCashback account, you can find the option at the bottom of the ‘Account Details’ page under the ‘My Profile’ menu.

Ready to get started with TopCashback? Start earning cashback by signing up here.

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