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ToucanBox is a new addition to my monthly subscription boxes post. It’s a fortnightly or monthly creative craft box for kids aged 3 to 8 years old that arrives personalised with their name.

ToucanBox is available in 3 different sizes. Petite is £5.95 which is a fortnightly box for 1 craft project, Grande is £12.90 for 2 craft projects and Super is £19.90 for 4 craft projects, and both of those are monthly boxes.

What’s Inside a ToucanBox?

ToucanBoxes contain everything required to create 1 or more craft projects that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Easy-to-follow instructions, stickers to collect and a bonus activity to repurpose the box as well as an activity book containing games, puzzles and recipes.

I got a free box to try for my little girl, Poppy, and my little boy, Marty, and their boxes arrived with their names on (see header image) which was really cute and a lovely touch.

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the contents of our ToucanBoxes because my kids were excited and wanted to get started, but our boxes had us creating a treasure map and parrot. We got everything we needed, even a tea bag and a brush to get that old look from the paper.

We coloured the parrots in with the provided crayons, and used the included glue and feathers to dress the parrot, although Marty pulled most of his off (haha). It was lots of fun.

Here’s how our ToucanBox craft project turned out:

ToucanBox Treasure Map
Not bad, right? The kids really enjoyed it and I will definitely get more for them.

As well as the main crafting project, which was the treasure map and parrot, there was a treasure island activity book which included a puzzle, pictures to colour in, a recipe to make cannonball pops an activity to repurpose the box, which in our case was creating a captain’s hook.

Very, very cool. I’m really impressive with ToucanBox. As are my kids.

Why I Love ToucanBox

Well, ToucanBox is clearly very engaging and fun for kids, but as a dad it’s also a great way to spend even more quality time with my kids. I get to guide them through it, help them and watch them have fun whilst feeling like they’re creating something amazing. It’s perfect.

I love that everything in the boxes are so colourful and you get so much value for your money. Hours of fun for as little as £5.95, where else can you get that these days?

Other things I love:

  • ToucanBoxes fit through your letterbox
  • Provides hours of fun for your kids
  • Provides great bonding time for kids and parents
  • East to cancel ToucanBox, no commitment

Want to give ToucanBox a try? You can get your first box free here.

ToucanBox Review
  • Value for Money
  • Selection of Activities
  • Packing & Delivery


ToucanBox is the ideal subscription box for kids who enjoy getting creative and crafting cool projects. It’s great for parents to get involved, too. Great fun. Excellent value. Easy to cancel.


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