My Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t really a day, or event that I usually take part in because I really don’t believe you need a single day of each year to show somebody that you love them. But each to their own, of course, and I’m definitely not judging others for taking part. It is nice if you like it.

And right now I’m single and planning on staying that way for at least all of 2018 to focus on myself, my kids and business so today was always going to be a write-off anyway.

I was always going to be happy today, though, because a few weeks ago I was out shopping with my kids and my daughter, Poppy, picked out a Valentine’s Day card to give to me that said “to a wonderful Husband” on the front. She doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is, she wanted to get it for me because she said that day was a “happy day” which really made me smile.

Both Poppy and Marty drew in the card for me and I had to open it that night when I got home, which I did, and I’ve had it sat on my fireplace since. And today it really made me smile.

I love those two so much. Such beautiful, cute, kind-hearted kids. My world! ❤

My mate and his girlfriend feel the same as me about Valentine’s Day so today my mate and I spent the day together. We went to see the new Fifty Shades Freed film (I know, I know) as we had been to see the last one, Fifty Shades Darker, together too. My hopes for it weren’t too high after reading a lot of negative reviews online, but I enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised.

After that we went to shoot some American Pool for a few hours. If you know anything about me, you will know that playing Pool is one of my favourite things to do. An addiction. I didn’t play as good as I would have liked, but I have to remember I am not a robot. I live for winning.

We then headed over to Lytham St Annes which is a place I love. In fact, I’m thinking about moving there in the future. It’s lovely. We had Domino’s there for dinner. Yummy!

That’s about it. That’s how my Valentine’s Day 2018 went. Happy days!

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