5 of The Best Funny Podcasts

Funny Podcasts

I’m a big fan of funny podcasts. I usually enjoy them in video format, either live or after the fact on YouTube, although I am also subscribed to them on the iOS Podcasts App. I love that.

Below I’m going to list the 5 best comedy podcasts around right now, at least for me anyway, and I’m going to link to their channels on YouTube just because that’s where I watch and listen to the podcasts, but you can also find them on your favourite podcast app or website too.

Joe Rogan Podcast

The name of Joe Rogan’s podcast is The Joe Rogan Experience.

My first memory of Joe Rogan is probably the same as yours, from back in the day when he was hosting Fear Factor. He also commentates for MMA promotion UFC. But he’s actually a very funny comedian, first and foremost, which shows in his popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

His guests include UFC fighters, actors, comedians, musicians, artists, authors, scientists, and many more interesting people. Big names who have appeared on Joe’s podcast include Russell Brand, Tom DeLonge, Steve-O, Jamie Foxx, Mel Gibson and Brian Cox. Joe and his guests are always discussing lots of interesting topics, and they always have me crying laughing.

His podcast episodes are 2-3 hours long with 2 or more new episodes a week.

Here’s one of my favourite episodes with Joey Diaz:

Fancy a listen? Find The Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube here.

Joey Diaz Podcast

The name of Joey Diaz’s podcast is The Church of What’s Happening Now.

I first discovered Joey Diaz on Joe Rogan’s podcast as they’re really good friends. Joey Diaz is also a comedian and occasional actor (he was in The Longest Yard). He’s the funnest person I’ve ever seen. Seriously. His stories are legendary and he will give you serious stomach pains.

Joey hosts his podcast with Lee Syatt who had no background in showbiz but has become somewhat of a celebrity. Listen out for his laugh, it’s absolutely hilarious.

His podcast episodes are also 2-3 hours long with 2 or more new episodes a week.

Here’s one of my favourite episodes with Kate Quigley:

Fancy a listen? Find The Church of What’s Happening Now on YouTube here.

TigerBelly Podcast

TigerBelly is a podcast hosted by Bobby Lee and his girlfriend, Khalyla.

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon their podcast, but I do remember how I first discovered Bobby Lee. He was in the Harold & Kumar films, remember those?

Bobby Lee is what I’d describe as a very naturally funny person. Like, he doesn’t need to try to be funny, he just says things and expresses himself in a way that will have you in hysterics. The banter he has with his girlfriend, Khalyla, is great. She’s such a good sport.

Their podcast episodes are about an hour long with a new episode every Thursday.

Here’s one of my favourite episodes with Theo Von:

Fancy a listen? Find TigerBelly on YouTube here.

Steebee Weebee Podcast

Steebee Weebee is a very new podcast hosted by Steve Lee. Yes, brother of Bobby Lee.

I wanted to include him on this list as I recently subscribed to his channel on YouTube and I enjoy his podcast in a different way than the others. He’s not in showbiz like his brother and isn’t successful as a comedian but he really is funny in a really awkward but natural way.

Here’s one of my favourite episodes with Bobby and Khalyla:

Fancy a listen? Find Steebee Weebee on YouTube here.

The Fighter and The Kid Podcast

The Fighter and The Kid podcast is hosted by Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub.

This podcast sort of exploded out of nowhere after Brendan Schaub retired from fighting, as a former MMA fighter in the UFC, and he connected with talented comedian Bryan Callen.

Bryan and Brendan have such great chemistry on the podcast, which you wouldn’t expect given their differing backgrounds, but it just works. The podcast is very funny and, with Brendan now trying his hand at stand-up comedy, it’s set to get even funnier over the coming years.

Here’s one of my favourite episodes with Chris D’Elia:

Fancy a listen? Find The Fighter and The Kid on YouTube here.

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