Boomf Marshmallows – Get Your Instagram Photos on Marshmallows

Boomf is a company run by James Middleton. Yes – Kate Middleton’s little brother.

I’m sure most people have heard of Boomf, but for those who haven’t please allow me to introduce you because they offer some very cool edible gifts using your photos.

When they first launched, Boomf only sold marshmallow photos, but these days they also sell printed chocolate, mallowpops, cards and also their popular flutter cards and confetti bombs which are awesome for birthdays. Very cool personable gifts for any occasion.

Anyway, earlier this week I decided to order some marshmallows with photos of my kids printed onto them from recent days out and such. And they actually look really, really cool.

Here’s how the printed marshmallows look:

Boomf Marshmallows
They look pretty good for printed marshmallows, right?

I can’t wait to show them to Poppy and Marty on Saturday. They’re going to love looking at them, and then love it even more when they find out they can gobble them up haha.

Marshmallow photos from Boomf come in boxes of 9 and cost £13.99. Not that cheap, but they’re obviously only purchased as occasional gifts and special occasions rather than just to snack on. I ordered them on Tuesday and they were delivered to me by Royal Mail today (Thursday).

When it comes to creating your marshmallows on the Boomf website you have the option to upload photos from your computer, Instagram or Facebook. Makes things very easy.

Give Boomf a try if you’ve never used them. Such a cute gift idea!

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