Fat Joe Review for Bloggers – How Much Do They Pay? And More

Fat Joe SEO

Fat Joe is a link building service provider in the UK for SEO agencies and brands.

Their main service is blogger outreach, which is where you and I come in. Basically, Fat Joe charge a set rate (based on DA) for blog posts with links to their clients, and they then reach out to bloggers like you and I to host the content for a set fee, again based on domain authority.

The problem is, Fat Joe don’t pay bloggers very much and there are lots of complaints of bloggers who use them being penalised by Google, which makes sense. More on that later.

How Does Fat Joe Work?

Clients of Fat Joe, including SEO agencies, brands and businesses, will order blogger outreach placements which as standard include 1 link and 500 words of text from £45 per post.

Once the orders are placed, the next part of the process is having the content written. Fat Joe have a few internal writers, but most of the placements they sell are written by freelancers who work from home. You can read some reviews from freelancers who work for them here.

The final part of the process is for the bloggers. You’ll get an email with the subject “Hey, we have a new post for you :-)” and inside you’ll find a post title and link to a Google Document containing a pre-written blog post for you to review. At this point you can accept or decline the post. Copy and paste it into your blog, let them know it’s live and get paid quite quickly.

Here’s what Fat Joe charge clients for placements:

  • DA 10 – £45 per placement
  • DA 20 – £50 per placement
  • DA 30 – £70 per placement
  • DA 40 – £250 per placement

How Much Do Fat Joe Pay Bloggers?

When I first connected with Fat Joe, my blog was only 1 month old and had a DA of 11. I was offered a rate of £15 per post by them, and I accepted just so I could try them out.

A few weeks later Moz updated and my DA rose to 19. I was already uncomfortable accepting their content, which adds little-to-no-value for such a low amount anyway, so I asked for them to increase my rate per post to £25. I got a reply from Sacha who said they couldn’t offer that until I reached a DA of 20. That’s fair enough, but £15 isn’t worth the risk or value they gain.

Here’s what Fat Joe pay bloggers on average based on DA:

  • DA 10 – £15 per placement
  • DA 20 – £20 per placement
  • DA 30 – £40 per placement
  • DA 40 – £70 per placement

I was told these averages by a Fat Joe employee. DA 40 pay makes me laugh the most. Remember, they charge £250 for those posts and give you a whole £70 of it. How generous. If you work with brands and businesses directly, you can get £500+ for sponsored content on a DA 40+ blog.

How Do Fat Joe Recruit Bloggers?

Fat Joe don’t actively recruit bloggers via their Fat Joe Publishing brand. Instead, they use other sites specifically created to capture interest from bloggers. That’s how I connected with them.

Here are two of them:

If you’re interested in working with Fat Joe, fill out the form at the links above and within a few days someone from Fat Joe Publishing will reach out to you. They’ll let you know what they expect from you and also present you with an offer per post based on your DA.

Before you do that, however, read through the rest of this post.

Should You Work with Fat Joe?

I’m not against anybody working with Fat Joe, but remember that it’s YOU and YOUR BLOG that is adding the value. Fat Joe are merely middlemen who outsource to freelancers and pay you peanuts to make their clients smile. Their company has £1.5 MILLION cash in the bank which tells me one thing and one thing only – they should be paying bloggers a lot more.

Sure, they’re running a business which is about making money, but it’s our job as bloggers to say no to them. Make them pay more. Know your worth and stand your ground. We’re making their clients money by helping them to achieve higher rankings in Google. WE are the value.

I’ve worked with Fat Joe myself in the past as a business owner and it offers great value, but now that I make money blogging too I see how bloggers are selling themselves short.

Here’s a bigger concern I have for working with Fat Joe, however:

SEO Footprints

I touched on this earlier. I’ve read a number of comments on Facebook Groups where bloggers report being penalised by Google for running content for Fat Joe. I’ve been involved with SEO for around 12 years so I know that this may or may not be the reason they were penalised.

But even if those bloggers weren’t penalised for their affiliation and work with Fat Joe, I know that a day is coming where this will happen because I see clear footprints and patterns in the way that Fat Joe go about their placements. I can spot Fat Joe placements on any blog I visit just by skimming over their posts for a couple of minutes. It actually really concerns me.

It’s because 99% of the posts Fat Joe hand over to bloggers for publishing are set out in a very specific way. There’s always an introduction and 3 or 4 paragraphs with headings.

One paragraph contains a link to an authoritative website, one paragraph contains the commercial (paid for) link to their client, and one paragraph contains an internal link to another post on your blog. This isn’t a natural way to write, proven by the fact they’re easy to spot.

Maybe it’s just me and my experience in SEO, but that’s a recipe for disaster.

NOTE: I also read some comments from people claiming that Fat Joe made their DA drop. That’s not true. DA has nothing to do with Google or your rankings. It’s a metric measured by a company called Moz based on link data and other things. They’re not connected with Google in any way.

Things I Like About Fat Joe

I don’t want this to be seen as completely disparaging post. I don’t hate Fat Joe and I’m not trying to ruin their business or anything of the sort. I’m a business owner and a new blogger so I now see things from two different sides, but as a blogger it’s my responsibility to write for bloggers.

There are some things I like about Fat Joe. For one, they’re a very friendly bunch and communicating with them is always a positive experience. They also pay very quickly via PayPal, like usually a few hours after you publish a post for them. And, despite the potential risks, they do offer great value for business owners trying to increase their organic search engine traffic.

They also have some pretty nifty free SEO tools:


If you have a blog you don’t really care about, a blog that you don’t view as a business, or you’re desperate for cash then I’d say you should work with Fat Joe. You have nothing to lose.

If, however, you’re like me and view your blog as a long-term business and understand the value you have as an influencer then I’d say that you should not work with Fat Joe. Focus on making money from affiliate links, display ads and collaborations with brands directly.

Know your worth. Stand by your worth. Earn your worth.

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm a blogger and also founder and director of new businesses Lead Peep and Rankable. I love my two beautiful kids, Poppy and Marty, being a Daddy is the best.


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