ODEON Limitless Offer – Save £40 On An ODEON Limitless Card

ODEON Limitless

An ODEON limitless card allows you to go to any ODEON cinema across the UK as often as you like to see as many films as your heart desires with a monthly or yearly subscription.

It offers fantastic savings for people who watch at least 2 films every month.

ODEON Limitless

Cinema tickets these days are pretty costly. ODEON tickets cost at least £10 for adults, with the comfier premium seats demanding a £13 price tag which is pretty steep. If you see at least 2 movies a month at any ODEON cinema in the UK then a limitless card might be for you.

Limitless members also benefit from regular and exclusive member-only offers.

How Much Does ODEON Limitless Cost?

An ODEON limitless membership costs £17.99 a month and includes all of their UK cinemas, except for those in Central London. It’s £19.99 a month with Central London included.

You can save 5% if you pay for your limitless card annually, so that’s £205 for the year, or £228 with Central London cinemas included. I’m going to show you how to get even bigger savings than that, though, if you continue reading. More than 20% OFF to be precise.

Save £40 (20% OFF) with This ODEON Limitless Discount

This is the biggest saving I have seen anywhere online for a limitless membership.

I have found a way for you to save more than 20% on a yearly ODEON limitless membership. So instead of a yearly cost of £205, you’d be paying just £163 to see unlimited films all year.

Here’s how you get this saving:

  1. First, head over to gift card site Zeek and create a free account.
  2. Use the search box and type in “ODEON” and select the relevant limitless gift card to you, either with or without Central London cinemas. Without offers the biggest saving.

Buying this ODEON gift card through Zeek gives you a £36.90 discount straight away, and using my special link here will give you a further £5 discount. That’s a whopping £41.90 discount.

Once you have purchased the gift card through Zeek, you will have saved more than 20% on an annual ODEON limitless card which is the biggest secret saving available. You then head over to the ODEON limitless signup page and enter your gift membership code. And that’s it.

You can now enjoy ODEON limitless for a full year, and spend less than anyone else.

ODEON Limitless Extra Charges & Restrictions

An ODEON limitless membership enables you to see an unlimited number of normal 2D films within standard cinema screens, but do note that there will be extra charges to pay for 3D films, IMAX, ISENSE, The Gallery, D-Box, premier seating and other premium viewings.

Central London ODEON cinemas excluded from a standard membership:

  • Leicester Square
  • Leicester Square Studios
  • Haymarket
  • Covent Garden
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Whiteleys
  • Camden

Remember to choose the appropriate membership if you visit Central London cinemas.

How to Cancel ODEON Limitless

If you’d like to cancel your ODEON limitless membership for whatever reason, you must first make sure you have a right to cancel. Limitless contracts are 12 months long.

If you pay monthly by direct debit your membership will automatically continue after 12 months unless you cancel it, but if you pay yearly or with a gift card to save money as outlined in this post then your membership will automatically end after 12 months. Always call to make sure.

To cancel ODEON limitless you can call ODEON directly on 0333 004 4411.

ODEON Limitless Alternatives

Don’t live near an ODEON cinema and not close enough to travel to one?

Don’t worry, Cineworld offer a similar membership card called Cineworld Unlimited at a similar price to ODEON’s limitless. You can find out more about it here.

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