Paint Your Own Piggy Bank

Paint Your Own Piggy Bank

Do you want to paint your own piggy bank with your kids?

That’s what my kids and I did on Saturday right after we’d spent a little bit of time playing with their new Aquadoodle and my son’s pop up tent he got for his birthday on Friday.

I bought this Paint a Piggy Bank Set by Galt Toys from Amazon. The box contained 3 shiny ceramic pigs in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Also in the box was 2 strips of ceramic paints with a total of 12 colours, a paint brush and a guide. It only costs £12.99 which is fair.

Here’s what’s in the box:

Paint a Piggy Bank Set
My daughter Poppy chose the biggest pig and my son Marty chose the smallest one, so I had the remaining medium-sized pig. There are 3 piggy banks in the box so I think there should be 3 paint brushes, too, but luckily I had some more lay around the house so it wasn’t an issue.

I couldn’t find any newspaper to put down to protect the floor from the paint so I had to use some of Poppy’s unicorn colouring book pages. I thought I’d be in trouble but she didn’t mind, haha.

Here are our finished piggy banks:

Painted Piggy Banks
I went for a yellow pig with orange spots, ears and nose. Poppy went for a red pig with a pink face and spots. And Marty, well, I think his goal was to use every colour available. Hahaha!

It really makes me chuckle whenever I paint with the kids because Marty always mixes all of the paints together and Poppy likes to keep it all nice and organised, sometimes I think she’s just going to snatch Marty’s paint brush from him haha. He just dunks in and out of all of the pots without a care in the world haha, typical cheeky little boy, I love it.

I’ve been doing a lot of crafts and things with my kids lately, like the ToucanBox I wrote about, and I have lots more planned. They really enjoy it, and I do too. We always have such fun.

If you’d like to paint your own piggy bank, try the Paint a Piggy Bank Set we used.

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