I Really Admire Stay at Home Mums

Stay at Home Mum

With it being Mother’s Day yesterday I thought I would write a little about stay at home mums today, because for me they deserve extra praise on days like that. Stay at home dads, too.

All those years before I ever had kids I wanted to have a traditional family unit, or set-up, if you will. I wanted to go out to work and provide my family with security as well as everything they need, and my partner would stay home and raise our children the best that she could.

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There’s nothing that makes me sadder than seeing mums have kids and return to work as early as they possibly can. Like, they actually want to. I don’t get it. Why have kids in the first place? You should be teaching them, they should be learning from you, not somebody else. I get it, some people don’t have that luxury and HAVE TO work. But it just makes me a little bit sad.

I have no problem with mums working again once kids start school. And remember, you have the rest of your life to pursue a career, but the years you miss out on with your children whilst being a working mum will be gone forever. You will never get those years back. And that’s so sad.

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I’m opening a can of worms with this topic. Working mums will be triggered by the title alone, but I don’t really care. Being a stay at home mum is harder than being a working mum.

Working is much easier than raising children. I don’t care where you work, or how many hours you work, it’s still not as hard as raising children. Staying home with children and being there for them in every capacity whilst also teaching them drains you in every way imaginable.

Please don’t leave a comment saying you work in a coal mine. Too predictable.

I’m a dad. And for 2 years I worked a full-time job, and then I’d go home and work on my business like a savage. Those were very long, brain draining hours. And my then-partner who stayed home with our children still had it harder than me. I’m perfectly placed to give my opinion.

This post isn’t about what’s right or wrong, or one type of mum being better than the other.

Parenting is hard work full stop, but also the most rewarding thing in the world, no matter which side of the fence you’re on. And all parents should be praised. There’s no doubt about it.

I just really appreciate stay at home mums. I have so much respect and admiration for them and everything they do and sacrifice on a daily basis to raise their little people. It’s an investment like no other. It’s so mentally, emotionally and physically demanding. With no breaks.

I’m raising a glass of water (I don’t drink alcohol) for all you stay at home mums right now!

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