I’m Water Fasting Once a Week

Water Fasting

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I recently lost a stone in a month (17lbs actually) and now I’m continuing that weight loss journey by aiming for my next stone of fat loss.

I did a 36-hour water fast when I lost 17lbs and today decided to do another one, and then out of interest decided to do a bit of reading about water fasting, and just fasting and detoxing in general. And I’ve now decided to make water fasting a part of my life. A weekly thing.

There are many ways to fast, or detox, the body. Lots of variations. Most fasting methods include consuming calories, but water fasting involves cutting calories completely and just drinking lots of water which is my preference. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, I guess, it’s whatever you feel the most comfortable with, how often you do it and what you want from doing it.

Some of the health benefits of water fasting include:

  • Faster weight loss (duh) as you enter ketosis much faster
  • Improved heart health and function, including lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Slows ageing by reducing oxidative damage and reducing inflammation
  • Improved cell recycling which can lower risk of serious disease and disorders
  • And lots of other wonderful things!

And if that’s not good enough, it also makes you feel strangely fantastic.

That is, after the headaches, hunger and irritability disappears. You feel clean, empty, lighter, healthier, more energetic, happier and the scales smile more when you step on them.

Everything I have read about water fasting suggests we’re all fools not to be incorporating it into our lives regularly. We used to live in caves, hunt and eat when we could. Our bodies are built to live that way and I’m not about to ignore the increasing evidence that suggests that we could live longer, healthier and happier lives with less risk of ageing like a monster (haha) and getting a serious illness or nasty disorder. Fasting is like hitting the reset button in the body.

So every week from this day forward I am going to do at least one 24-hour water fast every week. Sometimes I may do a 48-hour fast. I’m going to do it on a Monday and view it like hitting the reset button after having a treat over the weekend. My treats are usually a Friday thing.

If you’ve never tried a water fast before, I’d highly recommend that you give it a try and do some reading on the benefits it can offer you. I really think we should all be doing it regularly.

I have already crossed the 24-hour mark for my fast today. I got up early after 6 hours sleep, spent the day with my kids walking in Rivington, then took them to the park, then did an hour of rigorous exercise. Now it’s just passed 10PM, I’ve had nothing but water and I’m blogging whilst feeling like I just woke up. So much energy. It doesn’t make sense. I love it.

So here we go. A new journey and new (shrinking) me to go with it!

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  1. Hi Marty, do you believe that water fasting for long periods of time can heal insomnia and anxiety because I believe it can? thanks

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