Blackpool Tower Circus with My Kids, Featuring The Royal Box

Blackpool Tower Circus

On Tuesday Nora and I decided to take Poppy and Marty to the Blackpool Tower Circus.

The kids had never been before, to any circus actually, and after seeing how much they’re in love with The Greatest Showman and the music at the moment I knew they’d really enjoy it.

I booked our circus tickets online the night before because you get 20% OFF by booking online, and are unlikely to get tickets if you try to buy at the door anyway. I also decided to book seats in the Royal Box as it’s quite cramped in the normal seats. It’s well worth the extra money.

Not The Best Start

We left for Blackpool at around 11AM and it was absolutely pouring with rain.

We listened to The Greatest Showman soundtrack the whole way there. I love listening to Marty and Poppy singing it, especially Rewrite the Stars and A Million Dreams. It’s too cute.

When we arrived in Blackpool we decided to get some lunch from McDonald’s, and we ate in the car as it was still raining. I parked behind a removal vehicle with a trailer on the back and he reversed into the back of my car when he was leaving as he hadn’t seen us park up.

I saw him reversing towards me and used my horn but unfortunately he didn’t hear it. The damage isn’t too bad, just some paint damage surprisingly as it was quite a big bump.

The company will pay for the damage so no need for insurance claims. Thumbs up!

After we’d finished our lunch we headed to Poundland on the retail park near-by and got some drinks, and the kids picked something each. Poppy got a little sparkly set with a tiara and other glittery bits, and Marty eventually decided on a little wind-up motorbike.

A Little Bit of Lytham

The circus wasn’t starting until 4PM so we had a few hours to kill. Fortunately the rain had stopped and the sun had come out so we decided to head into Lytham St Annes.

We parked up near the St Annes lifeboat station and The Island cinema (I really want to see a film there) as there are some arcades there, and on the day we visited there were also some small rides for the kids. We went inside the arcades and got some candy floss and change for the rides.

Here are the kids with their candy floss:

St Annes Candy Floss
And then on the little train ride:

St Annes Train Ride
And the cute little ladybird ride:

St Annes Ladybird Ride
And the flying ships ride:

St Annes Flying Ride
By now, as you can see in the photos, the sky was crystal clear blue and the sun was shining. A rainy day had quickly become a borrowed day from Summer. It was so nice.

It was almost time to head into Blackpool and find parking close to the tower but first we walked to the beach to get some photos and find some seashells. The tide was in so Nora went down onto the beach to find some shells while the kids and I waited on the promenade and watched.

Here’s a picture of the kids watching Nora find seashells:

St Annes Beach, Nora & Kids
After that, Nora took some cute photos of me and the kids with her Instax Mini camera. It’s a really cool camera that prints out cute polaroid pictures instantly. While we were at Poundland she bought a lovely frame with the idea of using the polaroids inside it. I’ll take a picture.

Here it is:

Framed Polaroid Pictures
Pretty cute, and very creative, right? That’s going to live on my fireplace.

Thanks Nora!

Time for Blackpool

We parked at the West Street multi-storey car park right near to the Blackpool Tower. We paid £5.50 for 4 hours of parking, which doesn’t seem too unreasonable for its location.

We still had a little bit of time to kill once we arrived at the tower, so we decided to pick up our tickets and then head over to the near-by Coral Island arcades on the promenade. Nora ended up dragging us all on the pirate train ride that goes around a track in the air. Time for a little bit of honesty, I was scared. It was cramped, it was high, and the cart leaned to the side haha.

Here are the kids at the front of the ride:

Coral Island Pirate Ride
I thought we were going to tip off the track at any moment. I was checking the seatbelt to make sure I could get it off and do a triple somersault once it tipped, of course landing on my feet before catching the kids and Nora. She said I was making some funny noises. Hahaha.

At least the kids enjoyed it. Poppy was making fun of me for it later on! Haha.

Blackpool Tower Circus

We got to the Blackpool Tower around 20 minutes before the circus was due to start.

After a short wait in line, and getting our picture taken (totally forgot to pick it up) we were shown to the Royal Box which was really quite spacious, and had crowns waiting.

A lovely lady came to take our order as you get free drinks and snacks. We got some slushies and popcorn for the kids, and some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and coke for ourselves although as you can imagine the kids also helped us to eat the ice cream. They’re so helpful haha!

Here’s the view from the Royal Box:

Blackpool Tower Circus Royal Box
As you can see, you get the best view of the circus from the Royal Box.

It only costs an extra £20 per person for the box and I really do think it is worth the extra money for the comfort, especially if you have kids who don’t deal well in such busy environments.

Here are the kids in their crowns:

Blackpool Tower Circus Nora & Kids
I think the added touch with the crowns is really nice. The kids loved them, and Nora and I wore them too. Nora forgot to take hers off when she went to the toilet at the interval and wondered why everyone was looking at her strangely haha. You can see Poppy felt like a queen!

The show was really good as usual. It’s mostly about Mooky the Clown and Mr. Boo and their funny antics. There’s lots of laughs, even for adults, and some audience involvement.

There are also lots of great tricks, stunts, dancing and wonderful displays of acrobatics.

One thing I did notice is that there weren’t any of the big, really dangerous stunts that they usually feature. I’m not sure if they water the show down during half term holidays for kids or if they’ve just taken them out this season, but either way it’s only a small gripe.

Here’s my favourite picture from the day:

Poppy at The Blackpool Tower Circus
This picture of Poppy watching the show makes me smile so much.

She’s just completely entranced by the show, enjoying every second of it. And she has such a sweet little smile on her face as she takes it all in. I just love it. She really enjoyed it.

I’m really proud of Marty, too. He’s a year younger than Poppy and he was absolutely exhausted half-way through the show but he behaved himself and didn’t get moody, he just enjoyed the show and had a nap on the way home. They didn’t get to bed until around 9PM.

Go and see the Blackpool Tower Circus if you haven’t been before.

We had such a lovely day!

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