Funny Things Kids Say

Funny Things Kids Say

Nothing quite beats the innocent mind of a young child, does it?

I think we take for granted the funny things our kids say because it happens so often, but today I wanted to touch on it because a few moments today reminded me just how funny they are.

Earlier today I drove through the middle of a massive pool of water in the road (nobody around) to make waves for the kids and I asked if they liked it, to which Marty responded “It was like whales shooting water at each other. Daddy, they shoot water out of their holes like psssh!”

I just burst out laughing. So cute, innocent and funny. I couldn’t stop smiling.

That’s the thing, as adults our minds are tainted so if I hear about shooting water out of holes I get flashbacks of a NSFW video I may or may not have watched on a certain hub. Hahaha.

When I picked the kids up from their Mums house, I asked Poppy what job she wanted when she was bigger like us and she said “I don’t know, maybe a toy cleaner or something!” I laughed way harder than you’d expect. It’s just the cute innocence, it lights me up like a Christmas tree.

And after that, once we’d left their Mums house, it was raining heavily so I asked Poppy how we could get rid of the rain, and she said “Daddy I could get out of the car and clean your windows with some wipes and then we could use spinny to blow all of the clouds away!” In case you’re wondering, spinny is what my kids call wind turbines. Haha. That was so cute.

Oh, another funny thing just sprung to my mind from 2 weeks ago.

I was driving through Lytham St Annes with my kids, and suddenly I hear Marty say “Daddy, the Moon is asleep on that house!” It was a Premier Inn. Haha. Bless him. My heart melted.

Later that day, when we got home, I took off my jeans and Poppy says “Daddy, I really like your new boxers, but what’s that sticking out at the front?” Yeah. I know. Hahaha. I told her it was my willy like Marty’s but she didn’t understand why it stuck out more. So funny.

Finally, I’m going to post a funny conversation between Poppy and Marty from a few months back. It’s all about an ant they were watching run through my house.

Here’s how the ant adventure and conversation unfolded:

Poppy: Leave her alone Daddy, she’s our friend, she’s just trying to find her family


Poppy: Stop shouting at her Marty, leave her be

Marty: She might fall like that OOOOOOOOH

Poppy: Stop it moo, I love the bug

Marty: Is she okay there?

Poppy: She is

Marty: Let’s send her home

Poppy: Go on, go home. I love you anty

Marty: Me toooo

Poppy: Yeah but leave her alone, good girl ant. Stop it Marty you’re going to squish her


Poppy: Stop it, she doesn’t want to go on you, she’s tiny. DADDY LOOK SHE GOT ON ME! Take a picture Daddy!

I was laughing my ass off as I listened to them go back and forth about this poor lost ant and decided to fire up Notes on my MacBook to keep a memory of the funny moment.

Share your own funny things kids say in the comments below!

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