Pedicures & Painting Poppy’s Nails

Painting My Daughter's Nails

I had a bit of a chill day with my kids at their Mums house today. It was nice.

I love having job that allows me the luxury of spending time with my kids whenever I want to, or have the opportunity. One thing I have learnt is that money means nothing. My kids are #1.

Our day started with singing Rewrite the Stars over and over while we waited for Nora who was at the doctors. Oh, and the kids saying “bye bye” every time we passed a car. Hahaha. They’re so funny. We then got McDonald’s and went back to Nora’s to watch The Greatest Showman.

Nora also had me watch The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child which I hadn’t seen before. They’re short animated films based on the popular children’s books. They follow a little mouse as he meets different animals in the woods and scares them with a story about The Gruffalo.

I then got a lovely pedicure from Nora, something I got for the first time a month or so ago, and something I never thought I’d be saying out loud haha. I have to admit though, I love it.

Except the breeze block rubbing on my toe. I’m sure you know what I mean lmao.

I always exercise without socks so I get hard skin on my big toe and now my feel just feel marvellous. Hold on, let me just feel them again. Oh yes, as soft as a baby’s bum.

I’m half considering getting a foot spa at home for myself, but going off my history with long baths (1-3 hours) I feel like I’d have my feet in it all day and night and end up losing all the skin off my feet hahaha. But I’m still tempted because it’s so relaxing it. Hmmm.

After I’d had my pedicure, Poppy and Marty both got one. Not a full one, they just soaked their feet and got cream rubbed into them. They loved it. It was so cute watching them.

Here’s a picture of Marty loving life:

Marty Foot Spa
Look at his face, bless him, absolutely loving it! Little cutie.

While Marty was soaking his feet, I decided to paint Poppy’s nails. Nora painted two of them first to show me how and then I tried my hand at it. And yes, I did a horrendous job, but thankfully Poppy knows no better and told me I did a great job. I imagine the reaction would have been very different if she was a teenager, I might just be buried in the garden under the shed.

Here’s a picture of me doing my best work:

Painting Poppy's Nails
Look at Poppy, she can’t even look she’s that distraught with the job I’m doing. Hahaha. Okay, she was watching TV. But I just knew I was doing a terrible job. BUT, in my defence, her nails are tiny so I think I’d do a better job with bigger nails. Okay, let’s end the delusion. I wouldn’t.

Here’s a picture of my work of art:

Poppy's Painted Nails
What do you think? I know I painted half of her toes too but come on, first timer here!

It was a really nice day. I love chilling out with my kids. Business for me now is about earning that luxury, rather than earning money. Kids want your time, not what you can give them.

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