Working from Home Sucks

Working at Home Sucks

I have worked from home since I was 17 or 18. I am now 30.

That’s a long time, I think you’ll agree.

During that time I have spent 2 years at an SEO agency, and also had an office which I gave up because I was only using it to workout.

So right now I’m working from home again and, as much as I love it for the freedom it offers, it also sucks. And that’s because you’re always alone, have way too many distractions and no real structure to your days.

I remember when I worked at the SEO agency, as soon as I left the house to drive to work it’d put me in a different frame of mind. Ready to work.

When you work from home, just climbing out of bed isn’t enough to put you in that frame of mind and hit that creative / productive switch you need to do real damage to your to-do lists for that day.

It’s a struggle. But it’s not all bad, of course.

Working from home also provides the luxury of complete freedom. No alarm clocks. No pressure. No boss. No manager. No deadlines.

If I wake up tomorrow and the sun is shining, I can close my MacBook Pro and head out to soak up that vitamin D without worry or guilt. I only build businesses that are hands-off and allow the most freedom possible.

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Take this blog, for example, it’s a business but I schedule my posts ahead of time which removes all pressure from me to write every day.

But still, when I do stay home and try to be productive with no interaction with like-minded people, it’s really hard. I watch a lot of films on Amazon Video and my output is definitely a lot lower than it really should be.

So what’s the solution to my problem?

I did consider getting another office, but I’d still be alone and and also have the same distractions. So that’s not the solution to my problem.

I also considered doing some work at Starbucks. BUT. I absolutely love their Mocha Frappuccino and would get at least two a day. That’s 1,000 calories WITHOUT any food. That could be a problem. An obesity problem.

And then I thought, what about a coworking space?

You know, those hubs set up for freelancers where you just turn up and grab a desk amongst like-minded people. That could be a winner.

Maybe I could even mix it up. A couple of days at a coworking place, a day at Starbucks, a day at home and a day in the mountains. Mixing it up is the answer, but a coworking space membership is definitely the key.

Grabbing a desk at a coworking place occasionally would give me that much-needed interaction with people who do what I do.

And I now think that’s super important.

So I think I’m going to have a look around for some coworking space in and around Liverpool and see what’s available. I’m pretty excited.

I think even just a couple of days a week of that would make the days I do work from home much more productive as my creative juices would still be flowing from chatting with other freelancers and business owners.

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm a blogger and also founder and director of new businesses Lead Peep and Rankable. I love my two beautiful kids, Poppy and Marty, being a Daddy is the best.

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