Slacking on the Blogging

Blogging Slacking

I’m disappointed with myself and my commitment to blogging lately.

I last posted 12 days ago about our day out to Day Out with Thomas and our Picnic in Rivigton and I’ve done so much with the kids since then that I still need to blog about. I’ve let myself get so far behind with things.

We’ve spent a long weekend in Penrith, took a trip to Trentham Monkey Forest and also Martin Mere. And more. I really need to catch up.

I also wanted to review my new Apple TV 4K box. And AirPods.

I think I’m going to blame the sunshine.

It’s been so beautiful and warm in England lately so I’ve felt obliged to get out of the house to enjoy it while it lasts. Fair enough, right?

But I do really need to get back on top of my blog. As well as the many days out I have to write about with my kids, I also have over 120 general blog posts mapped out in my PublishPress content calendar.

I’m going to aim to get one of our day out posts up tomorrow, and hopefully one each day thereafter. I need to catch up asap.

Let’s get this show back on the road!

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