How to Find B2B Leads to Grow Your Business

Use Lead Generation to Produce New Customers and Sales

B2B Leads

Business is hard, isn’t it? Especially when selling to other businesses (b2b).

And even harder when you’ve developed a unique product or service that you know will be powerful in the hands of other businesses, and yet you don’t know how to get the right people to see it to drive sales.

That’s where b2b leads come into the picture. Lead generation is a simple yet powerful way to grow your business with little investment.

Allow me to elaborate.

What are B2B Leads?

A b2b lead is basically a business who either is, or could be, interested in your product or service. And the most simple type is an email address.

Imagine you were selling a new cutting edge piece of dentistry equipment and you could quickly and easily pitch it to all the dentists across your country, or even just in your local town or city. Powerful, right?

Well, you could do that by gathering up all of their contact details.

Email address, phone number, website URL and physical address. You could then reach out to them, usually by email, to qualify your leads.

How to Find B2B Leads

Manually finding your own b2b leads is a very time consuming process. So we don’t do it that way, we use lead generation software instead.

I recently created Lead Peep to help with this.

Lead Peep will take a keyword, city and country of your choice and return thousands of relevant businesses to you instantly along with their email address, phone number, website URL and physical address.

You will then need to choose your type of outreach, such as cold emailing or cold calling, or maybe a combination of them in order to pitch your product or service to these new potential clients and customers. It can be extremely powerful and effective if utilised correctly.

Email Your B2B Leads

Once you have exported a list of your new b2b leads from the Lead Peep system, you will need to import them into your email marketing client so that you can pitch your product or service, introduce yourself or ask them to hop on a call sometime. Whichever you decide, you need to do it well.

You need to be really smart and persuasive at this point because usually you only have one shot, and mere seconds to convince them.

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