We tend to buy things very frequently, perhaps even every day. Going to a shop to top up on groceries, buy a newspaper, buy a sandwich or a coffee is something that can be very much part of our day. This is fine as long as we can afford it, but if you need to cut down on your spending then thinking hard about what shopping you are doing and how often can be wise. It can be very easy to pick up extra things to what we really need when we are shop or just to visit more often than we really need to. It is wise to try a few things to make sure that you are not shopping more often then you need to and in fact you might be able to make money each time you shop.


There are a selection of websites which offer cashback on purchases. These might offer a lump sum or more often a percentage discount when you order form certain retailers. These are often for online shopping although there may be some which work for high street shopping as well. The idea is that you go to the website where the voucher codes are and click through a link from that site which will take you to the retailer’s site. Your purchase will then be tracked and you will earn cashback on it once the retailers pays the cashback site. It can take time to get the cashback paid to you, but it is worth the wait as it is just a bonus. You do need to be very careful that you do not spend more than you need just because you feel like you should spend more to take advantage of the cash back. You will still have to pay a majority of the cost so only spend what you need but get a small percentage of it back.


You may find that you can get vouchers for some items that you want to buy. These may also be online or you may find them in some newspapers, magazines or other publications. These can be great if you want to buy an item anyway and you can save some money. It is wise to use them in these circumstances. However, if you buy something because you can get a bit of money off, this is not wise as you will be paying out more than you initially intended just because you can spend a little less on an item.

Loyalty cards

Many shops have loyalty cards these days where you will get points when you spend money and when you accumulate enough points you will be able to get money off shopping. Some people do not like these because they feel it is the way that the retailer ill gather information about you and the things that you are buying. If this is the case then they will probably use this information to target marketing campaigns and advertising towards you so that you get information about the sorts of things that you are interested in. They will probably use the data more generally as well in that they will be able see what sorts of people with your general demographic are buying. Obviously, you may not like your data being used this way but it does seem silly not to take advantage of the savings that you can potentially make from using them.

Sales and bargains

If you see things on sale or on a deal, then you may think that if you buy it then you will be getting a great bargain. Although you will benefit from not paying the full price for the item, if you buy it extra to what you normally buy, then you will actually be spending more money. Sometimes by ignoring items on special offer you will actually be better off than if you do look through the sale items. Of course, if items you normally buy are reduced, then you will gain from buying these. Also, if you buy reduced items instead of items you would normally buy and save money, then you will make money this way.

Sticking to a list

By only buying the items that you really need you will be able to save money. It is when we go into the shop or supermarket and then buy all sorts of items that we think look great but that we do not really need, that we end up spending more money than necessary. If you write down what you need, not only will you avoid getting things that you do not need, you will end up getting everything you do need. This will save you duplicating on items you already have and stop you missing items you

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